How to Change Your Payoneer Card PIN Or Not?

So I recently replaced a Expired Payoneer card and noticed on Activation that you are given a Pin. That’s fine I will change it to one I can remember later.

To my surprise on checking the usual placed that would have the option as with my last card I found the option was not there. I could view the current PIN after verification but little else.

Whats Happening here?

On further research it Seems Payoneer does not allow users to change the PIN any more and we will have to us the one that’s given. This is a crazy Idea to me and a user should at least be able to set their own PIN. What If the current one is compromised?

Well it seems for now we cant change the PIN but we can view it in case you ever forget the one given.

How to View Your Payoneer PIN?

To do this on your device do the following

1.Log into your Payoneer account on a Laptop or PC.

2.Go to Banks & Cards.

3.Select Payoneer Cards.

4.Select your Card from Current Cards.

5.Choose View PIN and verify its you and you will see your PIN.


Its a good idea to memorize the PIN or If you don’t use the card for a while you can use the above to remind yourself of what the PIN is.

I know its a big fuss but this way you can at least use your card Versus spending a long time taking to customer support only to be taken through the same process most likely.

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