Samsung Galaxy Android 13 Customize Lock Screen Widgets

A fun New feature of Android 13 on the Samsung Galaxy S22 and other similar Samsung devices is the ability to customize the look and feel of the lock screen with Widgets.

I personally love this and think its one of the stand out features that Samsung has added as part of the update. You can now give the Lock screen a unique widget for the Clock, Add A App such as Flashlight,Camera and control how notices are displayed and easily get wallpapers for the Lock screen.

Video Tutorial

The video guide I have here will walk you through what to do in order to customize your Galaxy S22 or other Samsung device Lock Screen as part of Android 13.

Click Play

How to Customize Lock Screen Android 13 Samsung?

So in order to customize your Android 13 lock screen from a Locked screen wake you phone.

1.At the lock screen press and hold a blank space on the screen.

2.When your device asks for the password enter it.

3.You will be in the lock screen customization.

4.You can remove widgets or click to customize them.Choose different clock styles and colors and Apps to display.

5.When finished click done.

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