Samsung Series 6 Black Screen Fix

Samsung Series 6 Black Screen Fix will show you how to fix your TV that has the Black Screen problem. Do note your Screen is usually Black with this problem and you may or may not have sound.

If you are in the current situation then follow along as I show you what to do in order to fix this issue.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the Video Tutorial and see what you can do to fix the Black Screen Problem on your series 6 device.

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How to Fix Black Screen Issue Samsung Series 6

In order to fix the Black Screen problem

1. Go ahead and unplug the TV from the power outlet.

2.Find the Power button on the TV and Press and hold it for 60 seconds.

3.After doing the above go ahead and Plug the TV back in and then power it up.

4.In most cases the TV will power up and the display will return, in other cases you will have to do the above again few times.


1.Go ahead and Unplug the TV.

2.Leave it unplugged overnight.

3.In the morning turn the TV on again and it should work.

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