Is your TCL TV having a Black Screen? Try this

Black Screen of death check, Sound coming from the TV most likely but nothing on the display. These are the tale tale signs of the infamous black screen problem that unfortunately plagues TCL and other branded TV sets.

Lucky for you there is a solution and if you luck out then you don’t need to take the TV to a repair shop. I suggest that you put aside some time and try the tips I am about to give.

Why A Black Screen?

Why not? It seems when residual electricity build up in Electronic device it results in a unwanted effect i.e black screen problems.

To remedy said situations that Energy need to be drained and the TV will correct itself. Below I show you a few ways to do that.

Drain the Residual Power from the TV

This will sound strange but trust me it works. I have had a good track record with this

1.Unplug your TCL TV set.

2.Find the power button that’s on the TV itself.

3.Press and hold power for 60 seconds without letting go.

4.Plug the TV back in and try turning it on.

If you are lucky in one go the problem should be fixed, if not repeat the steps above at least two more times.

Click Play to See the Video Tutorial

If all Else Fails try this tip

If for some reason your TV is not playing fair and the display wont come back on then

1.Unplug the TV.

2.Leave it over night or 24 Hours.

3.Plug the TV back in and see if its working again.

In some cases doing this helps and can solve the problem as the residual energy drains from the TV.

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