Alcatel 1T 7.0″ 9013A Review

So I got a Alcatel 1T 7.0″ 9013A Tablet for review and seeing that its such a budget device I decided to really do a solid review just in case you wanted to consider buying this Tablet.

My Review breaks down the device and tells you basically all its merits and shortfalls and I hope you find this useful even if its just a budget tablet.

What You Get?

Inside the Box you will get the documentation that’s typical and include user manual and so on. You also get A charger and USB cable, Case and the Tablet which is 7 inches. The case being included is a nice touch.

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What I love:

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I love that the Alcatel 1T 7.0″ 9013A is very affordable as it a steal of a price at below $100 USD and hovers around $50 USD or so in price. The best part is that you also get a case and I love that this has a built in SIM card support and you can use this as a phone essentially.

So you are getting a phone and a Tablet all in one, which is another value. You also get the light version of Android which is Android Oreo Go edition which really helps out considering this is not the fastest device in the world.

You have a front Facing and rear Cameras at 5 and 2 Mega Pixels respectively. You can use both Cameras for Video calls and Taking OK pictures. You have access to all the normal Apps in the Google Play Store and through third party sources if you so choose.

What I don’t like:

The Alcatel 1T7 is not very fast and is a budget deice in every sense. I really like the device but its on the slow side as it relates to faster and more snappy deices on the market. If you are looking for speed then look elsewhere.


I like the Alcatel 1T 7.0″ 9013A as it a very good priced device, feature packed and while it has its shortcomings if you are on a budget then definitely if you consider the features it can work for you. Especially as a kids tablet or basic device for web browsing, Music then you wont be disappointed.

Otherwise though I would recommend that you skip this device unless you are on a tight budget and need only a basic device. The tablet is flexible but its speed will severely limit it. So its hit or miss with this Tablet depending on who you are and what you are looking for.

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