Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

This will be my review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 which in this year is now the older model but a steal of a deal. Do you need it? no, but does it may a excellent accessory to your Smartphone? yes.

Am I saying you should not buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4? Not at all it a lovely Smartwatch and its full of features that make your life easier. But what I am advising is that you get one when the price is too good to pass up, such as last years model or a renewed one as I got on Amazon and I must say I am loving it so far.

What I am loving so far?

The things that I am loving so far about this watch is I never miss a call easily or a Important notification.I love you can customize notifications on the Galaxy Watch 4.

For instance I am able to allow only notifications of Emails,Texts,Security Camera Notices and so on to appear on the watch. That way I miss very little. I love also that as soon as I am active it records workouts which is great for the fitness enthusiast. Also it easily tells you when you are not active for a period.

You can also have on the fly heart rate readings and the coolest watch faces you will ever see which keeps things fresh. My favorite is the Ar Emoji watch faces.

Everything handles smoothly and setup,usage was very easy. Love that you also get regular updates and the features are the best.

Video Unboxing:

While my unit was not new it came with everything in the box. The box was a little beaten up but overall but I did get two watch bands, charge cable and so on. The device also looked basically brand new.

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What I do not like?

The thing I hate about this device is the terrible battery life and I get a days use but if you are on the watch all the time it will depleted. If you us the Smart Watch as a support device then you cant go wrong but anything else that has you constantly on it will cause the battery to go fast.

The battery is not a deal breaker and when it new because you are on it every minute then the battery goes quick. Once you settle in though the battery is good but the worst is forgetting to charge it.

Why buy the Galaxy Watch 4?

1.Its a steal of a deal being the previous model with and other considerations can reduce the price more.

2.You get all the major features you could want.

3.Great companion to your phone to make it more flexible.

4.Easy to use and really worth the price at a deal if you can find one.

Where to buy?

You can buy yours in the link below from Amazon and do remember that you can get yours as a renewed device as I did and really get a deal compared to a new one.


Would I buy the Galaxy Watch again? Yes most definitely. The technology is maturing and you will not go wrong with a device such as this. If you don’t Fancy jewellery and you are looking for something that really only a Tech Gadget lover would want then you most definitely need this device.

Its not a must have but its really nice to have and worth it if you can spear the extra change to get one. I love the gestures such as raise to wake and so on and see myself using this for a while. I would not upgrade every year but maybe every two generations if features are actually added and improved that would make it worth it.

So I do hope the article will help you in making a informed decisions as it relates to weather or not to get the Galaxy Watch 4 or similar device.

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