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Clickable links or Hyperlinks are an ideal means of pointing someone to a website or a specific page without having them cut, copy or paste a long string of code into their web browsers address bar. It can save them valuable time and reduce the confusion of figuring out what the authors of a post intended purpose is, especially if said reader is not so tech savvy it becomes a matter of point and click.

Best of all Clickable links are an ideal way of creating backlinks for a website or basically a road map back to your website on other websites, which is one of the many factors that helps in deciding your page rank with Google.


create clickable links using HTML code

Creating Hyperlinks or clickable links back to your website.

Creating a Clickable Link


This skill can be very useful in cases where you would like to create clickable text to lead a reader to a page that you are recommending or simply point a reading to your website.

Note that while this technique can be used to create backlinks in the comment section of blogs,if backlinks are what you seek please take the time to read an article and make a worthwhile comment and do not spam the comment section of a website as the administrator of the website will surely delete your comment or send it straight to the spam folder.

With that being said let’s get started:

 <a href=””></a>


The above code will create a link looking like this:

and it will be clickable and take you to which is this websites main page by the way. So to customize the above code simply follow this template:

<a href=”“>Place text you want to be seen here!</a>

Replace: with your link you want to point to.


ReplacePlace text you want to be seen here! with the text you want to be seen that will be clickable.


That’s it for clickable links, please note that some websites block HTML code from the comment sections and in that case this will not work. Websites like comment section still supports HTML code and this code can be used in platforms like that to create clickable links. This code also works in creating regular hyperlinks in general HTML coding and can be used as such.


So what do you think, have you created any clickable links lately? And what do you use this kind of code for mostly?

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