Work Online & get paid Instantly to a U.S. Debit Card from Any Country. 6

Work Online and get paid Instantly to a U.S. Debit Card from Any Country.

Get Paid Faster than you thought possible from anywhere in the world.

I have been working online for some time now and one of the biggest obstacles I faced was the waiting time I had to endure just to get paid and the long period for the cheque to clear as they on hold. Wouldn’t it be great if you could work online from any country and then when it’s time to get paid like those in the United states (U.S.) it would be in a few days and not 2-3 month?

That’s money to instantly pay for anything you needed including luxury items, food, rent and much more.

Sounds good doesn’t it? I am telling you that it’s not only possible, but many users including me use this method and cut the waiting time right out of the equation. So weather you live in Timbuktu or even in the U.S. you can use this method to conveniently collect your funds and save yourself a world head aches.

This is all possible through a service called Payoneer. If you have not heard of it, it’s simply a global payment service that provides you with a prepaid debit card that linked to the Bank of America and you are given an account number and routing number similar to the ones given to citizens of the United States.

So readers if you use services such as Amazon Associates, PayPal, Fiverr and much more you can use Payoneer to collect your payments and instead of months of waiting you can access your funds in days of being paid. Best of all it’s totally safe and trusted.


What this is awesome! how do I get one of these Cards and a U.S. account?


The process is simple, all you need to do is follow the instructions below to sign up and activate the U.S. payments, wait for your card in the mail from your country of origin and whenever you are getting paid online simply punch in your given info for the card and presto you can swipe your card anywhere and use the founds instantly, no more months of waiting.

Best of all when you load your card with your first U.S. $100 Payoneer will give you a $25 gift simply because they are awesome.


Work Online and get paid Instantly to a U.S. Debit Card from Any Country with Payoneer.

Work Online and get paid Instantly it’s easy as 1,2,3…

How to sign up and Activate the service to get Paid?


1. Follow this link to the signup page: Click here.

2. The sign up process has three (3) stages, click on the first stage that says: Start here> Personal details.

3. Fill out all the personal information and make sure the information is accurate.

4. When all the required fields are filled out move on to: Step 2> Account information. Again as in step one fill out the required fields, be sure to record the information and keep it in a safe place as you will need it to gain access to your online account.

5. When you are finished proceed to the final sign up Stage 3>Personal Verification. In this stage you will be required to prove your identity using your country of origins identification card. When you are finished agree to all four terms of service agreements and select finish.

That’s it for the first phase of the signup or Registration is complete. Now simply wait for approval, which should not take too long and you will be notified by email. Once approved your card will be shipped and you will be given a estimated delivery date. In the mean time be sure to immediately activate the U.S. payments feature of the Debit Card when you receive that email.


Activating the U.S. Payments Feature of Your Payoneer Debit Card


If you do not automatically receive the email for the U.S. Payments be sure to log into your account using the info you recorded earlier during signup and you will be presented with the added feature. When you do get the email there will be a two step verification process, so while you will be given: Bank name, account type, account number and routing number its important to note that they cannot be used until verification is done.

1. Simply click on link one from the email and fill out the questionnaire and submit it.

2. For step two simply click on the second link and Send Payoneer a copy of your genuine Government issued photo I.D., its best to use the I.D. that you used in the first phase of the signup process. Simply Scanning it, taking a picture with your digital, phone or web camera will do as long as its clear and can be seen. Be sure to upload and submit it after you are finished.

3. Wait a while and once your info matches and is legit you should receive confirmation that the U.S. service is verified,congratulations.

Note that you should not use the numbers given before you have received and activated the Debit card. So simply wait until the card is delivered.


Work Online and get paid Instantly to a U.S. Debit Card from Any Country with Payoneer.

My Payoneer card.


Receiving and activating your Card


Once the card arrives, Happy day trust me.

Simply sign back into your Payoneer account and activate your card, you cant miss the activation notice it right on the home page. Simply put in your card number and information and set your pin to activate the card and you are finished after you sign the back of the debit card.


Using the Payoneer Debit Card


The Payoneer card should not be used until you have cash in the account and like any debit or credit card you are responsible for it’s use. Simply use the banking information you were emailed for the U.S. payment service whenever you are going to get payed online and when the funds are release and received in the account, which should be in a few days you can swipe the card in your local country as you would any normal Credit or debit Card and it will work once you have the appropriate balance on the card.


That’s it readers the Payoneer is Card is a giant step in the field of working online from anywhere in the world and getting paid super fast, its basically a life saver and makes it possible for anyone to work online and get payed conveniently without the long wait time normally associated with waiting for cheque to be mailed and cleared.

So what do you guys think is this a life saver? or are you satisfied with waiting on your cheques by mail?

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