Lessons from My First U.S. $123.53 AdSense Cheque. 22

If you are like the millions of other online internet surfers out there wondering: “Can you actually make money online? and if so how much and how long would it take??!“…. and on and on the questions will go. Naturally you will do a Google search and in your search you will come across self proclaimed internet experts claiming to make millions per month or even thousands per day. More often than not you actually try, but in trying you realize that most of the time these ventures are scams designed to separate you of your hard earned cash.

Well I am here to tell you that you can actually earn an income online and it’s not all smoke and mirrors. But unlike most persons online that are trying to make a quick buck there is simply no easy way. It takes hard work, determination and the drive not to quit. So if you have passion for what you do you are half way there, best of all the lesson here are all free and do not require that you sign up for anything.

My first Google Adsense cheque that I have included pictures of here is a evidence of what is possible and to encourage others that they too can do it. Heck I am not American and Google still sent me a valid Cheque half way around the world. As a precaution I have warped or blurred aspects of my pictures for security reasons.


How did I make my first $123.53 from Google AdSense?


My First Adsense Cheque for $123.53.

My First AdSense Cheque for $123.53. U.S. dollars from Google.

Well for starters let me clarify that I currently run two (2) websites, the first of which is a Free Blog that i created on Blogger.com that is run by Google. I then monetized my blog with Google AdSense which resulted in relevant Ads being placed along with my content and when my visitors view my content or click on the Ads I get paid.

I will not place a link to my first blog here for personal reasons as my aim is to build the current professional blog: www.BlogTechTips.com which you are currently reading this article from. You may also realize that this new website is  not currently  monetized at the time of writing this article.

The founding for Blogtechtips.com came from a great online contest which I won and I paid for the domain and hosting for this website, but that’s another story entirely.

I also run a YouTube Tech channel from which I earn add revenue as well which adds to my Adsense earnings. The latest Videos from my channel can always be found in the sidebar as a part of my YouTube widget.


How long did it take to earn enough for a Cheque?

My First Adsense Cheque for $123.53.

Another shot of My first Google Adsense Cheque, Aspects are warped for privacy reasons.

It took six (6) months of hard work!, yes you heard me six(6) month’s. During that time I really wondered how any one made any money from AdSense as I barely made $1 us dollar in a month for the first two(2) months. As time passed by it got easier and easier and eventually I made it to Google’s $100 dollar payment mark.My aim was Six (6) month’s and I made the mark some how by being persistent.

My Goal now is to make another cheque in half the time it took me for the first one. Let’s hope I make it.


Tips for those who have Just started and Need some pointers


As they say there is nothing new under the sun, it’s all been done already and if I can do it you can too. So the best tips I can provide are as follows and are in no particular order as I am way to happy in writing this article to organize them:

1. It’s OK to start with a Free Blog, heck to date I have made more than U.S. $500 dollars simply by using free services and that includes AdSense and other programs such as Amazon Associates but that for another upcoming article with evidence.

2. If you start free consider going paid eventually, the lessons learnt from your free venture should motivate you, best of all you can test the waters before jumping in.

3. Do not rush and go straight for the money, build your traffic before you consider monetizing your content.

4. Be sure to write original and fresh content in your own writing style, if it’s not being done that way and it works for you it’s usually a good thing.

5. Be patient and wait and most of all keep at it, even when it seems to be a waste of time.

6. Build relationships with other Bloggers and people you meet through social media. Google Plus and Facebook are great examples.

7. Aim to help at least one reader in some way, if at the end of writing an article you cannot see where it can help at least one reader you are doing something wrong.

8. Lead by example only speak of things you have done or tested and found to be true. Many internet marketers or experts claim to be making money and have no tangible evidence or proof.

9. Create at least thirty (30) good articles and have a minimum of 150 unique visitors per day minimum before even considering placing Ads on your pages, the reason is simply because little to no traffic will result in you watching your AdSense control panel in dismay as you see no click or revenue coming in.

10. Have fun, yes as strange as it may seem if you are not having fun you will find yourself quitting soon out of frustration. I personally Blog about technology, I play with gadgets day in and out and I am always helping people I meet with their tech problems so it motivates me to Blog as I can reach more people with my tips.


Thank you Readers.

My First Adsense Cheque for $123.53.

Proof of my earnings, me holding my AdSense cheque.

Thank you guys for viewing my content and as always I hope my tips continue to help those that find their way to my blog on daily basis. My Goal for this website is to make it the most popular technology website in the world aimed at helping everyday users solve common technology problems all while saving them money that would be used for repairs or getting a expert to fix the issue.

Again thank you guys for all the love and feel free to leave a comment or ask a question below in the comments section.Be sure to also stay tuned for another article with pointers from my even larger Amazon Associates cheque that I earned recently!!!


Check out the larger second Cheque I recieved on the same day from Amazon!!


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