My first Amazon Associates Cheque for U.S. $197.74 32

Crap I only missed the $200 mark by $2.26. I would like to first note that  I am not here to brag, but simply to show that it’s quite possible to earn money online. Best of all this cash is passive income and the work done will continue to generate revenue as I sleep,hows that for a comforting thought?

As a background you may be surprise to know that this cheque was paid to me by Amazon directly for promoting their goods and services. It might sound strange but through Amazons Associates program I am able to act, so to speak as a virtual sales person for Amazon and promote their goods and services all without owning a physical brick and motor store,no inventory whatsoever, no employees or overhead cost to worry about.

Amazon associates cheque

My first Amazon Associates Cheque for U.S. $197.74

Amazon associates cheque

When is one Pay Day more impressive than another? Simple- When you you get paid twice in one day lol

Furthermore I received this cheque along with one from Google all on the same day (See the picture above), talk about being overjoyed. You can check out the cheque i received from Google in the article I did on: Lessons from My First U.S. $123.53 AdSense Cheque. Also before you cry wolf please note that at the time of writing this article this website has no Google Ads and that my revenue is from another website I run that’s not listed here for personal reasons.

I knew both Cheques were on their way for some time but never thought in my wildest imagination that they would  arrive on the same day. I was at work when the secretary at the main desk of my work place handed me two (2) strange looking envelopes, the first of which was small and the second a regular sized envelop. I was beginning to believe that probably it was two early utility bills but common sense prevailed as it was almost the middle of the month.

When I took both envelopes in hand my eyes caught the Amazon name on one and i simply closed my eyes and started to sing happy day in my mind, everything was a blur from then as I suddenly had a skip in my step. I secured both envelopes and decided not to open them until I got home at the end of the day. Easier said than done as I peeked into one ten (10) minutes later (I know no self control, but one has to indulge themselves every now and again).

Several long hours later I was opening both envelopes and snapping pictures so I could share the experience with you lovely people. I can honestly say that it’s a great feeling knowing that after six (6) months of setting a personal goal I was able to achieve it with Amazon Associates  and Google Adsense.


I think I will pause for a while and do my victory dance again…..I am back. As a treat similar to my Adsense article i will share tips on Amazon associates programs that can help future Associates to their first pay day. The best news is that I already have a second Amazon payout that will be payed to me at the end of this month, however this time i will not opt for a cheque and I will have the balance deposited to my Payoneer card, if you do not know what Payoneer is? you can read my article on :Work Online & get paid Instantly to a U.S. Debit Card from Any Country that will explain it and how to get signed up. I only requested a cheque for the first payment as a means to show others tangible proof that it’s possible to make money online and that this website is not all talk and no bite.

Pointers from My First Amazon Associates U.S. $197.74 Cheque that you may find useful in your own online ventures:

1. You will feel the urge to quit and give up! Silence that voice in the back of your head.

2.  Promote Amazon products you actually own and would love others to have the Joy of owning too.

3. You do not need to promote a million products, all you need is to find one good product and promote it until you begin to say the name in your sleep (lol).

4. You must approach promotion with an edge, show users something about the product that will make them find it irresistible, if their is no such point about the product you probably should not be promoting it in the first place.

5. Build trust with your audience and remember to smile.

6. Be honest as possible in your reviews.

7. Use the written word, video, word of mouth or any other method possible to promote your product that in accordance to Amazon associates rules.

8. As always have fun or you will quit before you even begin.

9. Be original and write a review you would love to read.

10. You can never do too much promotion, use social media such as twitter, Google plus and Facebook as much as possible and network with people in all those circles for added reach.

The earning potential for the Amazon Associates program is virtually limitless and there are other Associates out there that are actually making thousands of dollars per month. Let this article serve as a lesson for others out there from virtually any country around the world that it is actually possible to earn an income online.


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32 thoughts on “My first Amazon Associates Cheque for U.S. $197.74

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      No it took six (6) months of hard work starting from my first free Blog which I still run, I have since created this professional website or Blog that’s on a paid service. I am reinvesting the founds and aiming to create a better experience for my readers.

  • mhbcash

    It is indeed possible to make money online and congratulations… Payoneer will be a better option to withdraw, as you won’t have to wait for weeks for the check to arrive and then clear.

    Hope to see you double your earnings next month!

  • Zachary

    Congratulations Ricardo!! I’m working with the same goals on my blog, I’m only 2 months in, and I haven’t started the affiliate programs hard yet as I’m building my reader base, but in 2 weeks I change to a self-hosted site and will start with this more. Thanks providing inspiration, and for reading and commenting on my blog. Rooting for you! I hope this is just the start of a new future for you, a career where you can share your passion for technology with everyone!! Keep it up!!!

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Well spoken, your content is really inspirational I just had to leave a comment. As for our goals being the same trust me you can make it and Never doubt that one minute. Wish I had also gown self hosted earlier like you, as I started out using a free service but it taught me allot and all experience count, so I am using those as building blocks. Thanks again for commenting.

  • Shawn

    Hi Ricardo,

    Really enjoyed reading your blogging experience. I am also thinking of starting a blog. What was your traffic like when you earned $123 via adsense? Also, did you earn it from a single blog or multiple? Your answers will be helpful to me.


    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Hey Shawn Great having you on the blog, You should most definitely start your own blog, When I earned that $123 with Adsense mainly from one Blog I had started a blog first on Blogger but decided if I wanted to be taken seriously I had to get a Paid domain and I did, thats BlogTechTips. So to be clear that was from a Blogger website and a newly started website at the time and it took about 6 Months of hard work to get to that first payout. As for traffic it was just a few hundred visitors per day, at that time.
      That was however then Since that time I have worked on my website and I now get a Check from Amazon and Adsense each and every month and it has increased from $123 and still growing. I hope I have answered your question to your satisfaction. Please feel free to ask anything you like.

  • Tracey

    congrats, on ALL our accomplishments! I got to your blog from a guy calling me on the phone saying he was a sales person from amazon, took me to affiliate checks-he was saying if I invest $500, amazon will give me a trainer and website? If I had 1-3hrs, /week, And I will make these type of checks…I’m just asking have you ever heard of this or what? I’ve been burnT, sooo many times trying to make money on the internet, it’s crazy, who can you trust these days! Crazy, is this how you started?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Hi Tracey Tracey let me first say that the guy you mentioned is trying to trick you. What he is offering you for $500 can be done for free, he is definitely not a representative from Amazon as the Amazon program is free to join and Amazon will never ask you for a cent. What Amazon does is pay you for referring people and when they buy something you get a small portion of what they buy for helping to make the sale as in my case and other Amazon Associates. You can promote Amazon products on a free blog or you can even start your own blog on a paid service and even then it would not cost $500 its more like $130 for a year and if you pay by the month its something like $15 or less. I personally started on a free service and was making money while paying $0. I have heard of these guys they take a legit service and trick others into giving up $500 or more and then some find out way too later after loosing thousand and have the wrong idea about making money online as a result of these creeps.
      Tracey I am glad you reached out to me and I would love to help you out simply leave a comment again if you need help and I will do a tutorial that can help you do what I do and how to start for free and when you make your first few checks free of cost then you can reinvest and start a professional looking website like mine on a paid service (If you want to). I hate those guys that do these things I will take you step by step and show you how to scale things up and never ask for a dime. As a final note my checks are much larger today than they were when I did this article (No hype), don’t be discouraged I always thought making money online was not possible and tried a number of programs before finding the actual things that work.

  • Farrukh Rashid

    I also received a cheque but I don’t know that how can I withdraw it as I’m not living in the USA. Kindly help me out.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Amazon Associates can live in the USA or be any where around the world, you should have no issue taking your Check to a bank as its good globally, for the future I suggest that you get a Payonner card which will help you in getting your Payments faster regardless of your location globally.

  • organiclivingchix

    Hi, I hope you could take time to answer my question. My Amazon cheque was sent last June 2015 and up to now I didn’t receive it. How long does it usually take to arrive? Thank you!

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I would be happy to answer your questions, Cheques from Amazon usually take anywhere from 3-4 weeks for me to arrive, I receive one every month so I have grown accustomed to the schedule, if you are having issues I advise you to request a reissuing of your funds and double check your address, look in the menu options in your account for feedback in the upper right and click it you can live chat with a representative. Also a suggestion if you want to receive payment a day after Amazon releases it I suggest you read about and signup for Payoneer here. I hope that helps and do ask any other question you like.

  • Farrukh Rashid

    I got a cheque but I didn’t get any email, nor there is any notification/message on when I sign in. Now from where can I check the mail etc as the bank is demanding any online notification for their confirmation.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Well Rashid amazon does send a email each month to tell you that they have sent payment to eligible associates for the month and that if you do not make payout the balance will be held until the next month or until you reach the minimum of $100. You can search your E-mail and see it should still be there. You are also notified in your account: log in to where you check your balance, look in the upper left and go to account settings and then view payment history. You will see any available balance and the amount you had up until payment along with when they sent the payment.
      I am sure you can prove to the bank with the information you find there, best of luck.

      • Farrukh Rashid

        Dear Gardener, I opened my amazon account but there wasn’t any payment history. Moreover there available balance is 0.00 $ but still I received 2nd cheque. The main problem is that I have to open a foreign currency account in order to deposit the cheque and according to the Bank representative 50-70% of total amount would be deducted for transaction. Is there any way I can contact so that I can receive payment through Telex Transfer as there is no such information on after I sign in nor did I receive any email from them.

  • Danny Gibson


    Reading this and the one before detailing your Adsense cheque really fires me up to work harder than I have been (not hard enough, if I’m honest).

    And I really like your no nonsense writing style. You’re original. Perhaps that is a lesson for us all… be original, just like ole Ricardo 🙂