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how to create a successful infographic

Create a Masterpiece that others will be dying to share.

Stop the printing press and put that great article on hold for a while, have you heard about infographics and what they can do for your brand? Well an infographic might just be what you need to nudge your next article into the realm of Viral articles that keep on getting hits after hits and shares after share.


What is a Infographic you may ask?

Put bluntly a infographic is a pictorial representation of a concept created to explain often complex or difficult concepts in a short and concise manner.


Why are Infographics effective?


For one they are cute, and who doesn’t like cute? They can sum up a one thousand blog article in one single picture. They are often of varying lengths, but the more effective ones are concise to the point and clear.


What does one look like?

Here is an example of a recent infographic I created for an article here at and it was well received by those in the Google+ community, it’s totally iterative and is not a picture, so go ahead and check it out:

So as you can see this infographic was well received and in less than 12 hours had gotten allot of shares and pluses (+). If you would like to see the full article this was attached to you can see it here: How to get free targeted traffic to your website or blog?


Key Element of a successful Infographic:


While the rules are not set in stone there are some key features that must be a part of a Great infographic that will knock your readers socks off so to speak:

1. Infographics must not be too wordy, so no information overload.


2. Make it eye catching and memorable.


3. Mix your colors carefully, too little or too much colors can throw readers off, example of effective color use:

Red: evokes anger, sense of urgency

Blue: Creativity, peace

Know your colors and use them to convey the mood you desire.


4. Have fun and make it cartoon style, this will set readers mind at ease and help in getting concept across.


5. Choose a topic that is somewhat complex, of interest to others and that you have great knowledge in.


6. Highlight the main point of your article or topic, the best 5 or 10 will do if you have multiple points.


7. Choose relevant characters or symbols in pictures to represent your point, example:

An Owl represent: Knowledge and authority.

A Bull,Lion or Eagle: Power and strength.


8. Be sure to mark your work with your website logo and address so as to tell readers where to find more great information.


9. Post your infographic as part of a larger article, then share the Picture itself on social media with a link to the full article.

Google Plus is really great for Infograpics so share away!


10. Give your Infographic a prominent and catchy title as you would with your articles and Publish when fished.


What Programs should you use to create an infographic?


There are many ways to create infographics and each person will have there own style. For myself I find that I have more creative control of my work and I am able to create a truly unique infographics with Adobe PhotoShop. There are other free options that you can explore that include using Microsoft power point and online editors such as Pixlr, so you can go ahead and experiment.


Mistakes often Made in Infographics that you should never make:


Always try your best to avoid the following mistakes with your infographic as they will sink your ship even before it starts to sale the high seas of online recognition

-Too wordy and long.

-The color scheme is dazzling and all wrong

-It is not easy to read.

-Using Too high of a resolution page size.

-Too little or too much pictures.

-No structure or purpose.


How to Get your Infographic noticed and drive traffic back to your Website or Blog?


The key to using an Infographic is that they are easily shared and even easier to read. Be sure to post your article on social media such as Facebook and Google+ and share with your circles, if you hit all the correct notes someone is likely to comment. Don’t ignore comment as readers will leave great tips for improving your next big infograohic and you would do well to listen. Also be sure to post a link to your website along with the infographic in case someone would love to read the full article you prepared.

Remember infographics are an ideal way to get really creative in blogging. However do not post one too often and its not ideal for all articles. Have you made any infographics lately? or Do you even use them and see the relevance? Let us hear your views below in the comment section.



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