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When you are new to the whole idea of websites, like I was at one point and don’t worry we all have been there, the whole idea of getting traffic to a website seems almost downright impossible. Even after you get the basic concept you still get the jitters each time you attempt to take your brand to the next level and increase your traffic.But as complicated as some might think driving traffic to a website is or make it seem, it all goes back to the basics and if you keep practicing them you will grow over time.

Today I have decided to create a custom Infograpghic for you guys to get my point across, it’s my first one and basically like your first time I was nervous and just had fun in creating the custom Infographic I am about to share with you. By the way did I mention I love Graphic design and it’s one of my hobbies,also note by no means am I an expert.

Getting targeted traffic to your blog

How to hit the bullseye with targeted Blog traffic.

So without further delay I would like to present my own personal Infographic that I have designed on getting targeted traffic to your website, enjoy:

Infographic on getting targeted traffic blog

Targeted traffic infographic

Why should I submit my website to the Various Webmaster tools?


After writing a great article the next logical step is to market your content so as to have it discovered by potential readers to whom it will be of benefit, right?, well most Bloggers suck at this and like all skills it’s something that can be developed, owned and grown, but simply creating content and hoping for it to be discovered is not enough.

When you submit your articles to Google Webmaster tools for example, it allows Google to better analyse your content especially when it’s updated and serve it up to potential readers that might find it most useful.Best of all you can sit back after all the handwork and reap the benefits.

You may find the following articles helpful towards your goals in adding and verifying your Blog in the various webmaster tools:

1. Varify your Blog with Pinterest in a few Minutes.Β 

2. Claim your website or Blog on Alexia free of charge.

3. Create a XML sitemap and submit it to Webmaster tools.


What is


If you are unfamiliar with PingomaticΒ it’s a God send for those that have just finished an article, what you do is basically go to the page and fill in the particulars about your website right after creating new content and simply ping away. The free service basically tells Google and other search engines that you submitted your links to as a part of there webmaster tools that you have updated. This will trigger the search bots to crawl and index your content.Eventually sending you search traffic providing your content is original and useful to readers.

So make sure after your first ping your blog to bookmark the page and read load it each time you update from bookmarks so as not to input the info each time, simply this is a life saver and make it a habit to use this service after every update of your blog.


Submit your Articles to top tier Social Media websites


By top tier I mean the best, you don’t necessarily need to use every Social media website, simply stick to the best and in my opinion I find that to be: StumbleUpon, Google Plus, Facebook and Pinterest. Simply make some friends and fans and this will go a long way towards the prosperity of your website.

Also be sure that your content is easy to share as this will help in seeding your content to many other readers.


How did I do?

Did you like the Infographic or found it useful, I would like to know your views, so please leave a comment below.



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24 thoughts on “How to get free targeted traffic to your website or Blog?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Yes my thoughts exactly Ryan, the concept is simple but takes time to master and best of all it pays off in the end. Those claiming it does not work either got the content wrong or the social media aspect.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Yes most people do not know of Pingomatic, if you update regularly and ping the major search engine providers without overdoing it, they will basically appear right after you ping, like a cute puppy lol

  • Zachary @zacharykreid

    Great information and infographic Ricardo! Keep it up. Thanks for the tips. I publish and promote on FBook, G+, Twitter, and, but hadn’t worked with pingomatic or webmaster tools. Hopefully it works well for me! I’ll definitely let you know. Thanks again, great info and keep putting it out there. blogtechtips is a great site and I hope it keeps growing! Have a great day!!

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Thank you Zachary, as always you are great with words and your lessons from your blog are inspirational to say the least.Trust me you should pay close attention to Pinomatic after publishing great content and webmaster tools of the various search engines to in time generate lots of free traffic.

  • shinobiswordsman

    These sound like some pretty good tips. Wouldn’t I need to have a pinterest or Alexa account to get those verfied though?

  • Fauzul

    Nice tips man. I have actually and consistently done all of those and I can’t agree more that’s the way to gain traffic. Just to add, linking to social media is good but would be better if you are active in it too. Gets you more connections and more shares.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Thank you Fauzul,you are totally correct about engaging readers on social media, as making connections increases the likelihood that your readers will share you content and keep visiting your blog. Building a community on your blog involves not only the author, but the readers as well.

  • Wayne

    This is some good quality information bro. I know a lot of webmaster would not disclose these tips at all. This inspires me to build a website or blog or a website with blog for myself. The problem with almost everyone is the finance to start building a website or blog because hosting can be costly. What is your recommendation for a new webmaster until they can earn enough money to get started?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Thank you Wane, and you should build your own website its a great feeling I suggest that you start with a Free option such as Blogger if you do not have the cash to go to paid hosting and you can raise the money from there by monetizing your content.I started on Blogger a while back and I have no regrets in Building my first blog there, it still earns me income even today.

  • wumrah

    Do you recommend submitting your website to Baidu? This search engine now covering the widest internet browsing experiences in the Chinese region.

  • Journey

    I only recently discovered your blog and glad I did, I recently started my own blog and was really wondering how to get the readership up.

    Would you suggest one opens multiple social accounts at once? Or perhaps open only open one social network account, build up a following and then open up a second one, etc?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Whatever you do you will want to always created a brand that others can rally behind to follow you, so I suggest that you get a single account and build that first, you don’t need to be everywhere but in the places that matter: Such as Facebook and Twitter for example and master those. If you try to do it all at once you will be easily overwhelmed, see what works for you and your audience and work with two or so different social media accounts and that’s it with great content.