Best Free Antivirus

The selection of the Best Free Antivirus for your personal home computer use goes beyond simply randomly selecting five (5) options and presenting them. It involves hand picking the best of the lot and organizing them based on their merits so users can make informed decisions based on the Antivirus that would best fit their personal needs.

Best Free Antivirus

Best Free Antivirus

What is a Antivirus?

A Antivirus is basically a piece of software that runs on your computer and identifies malicious code or programs that are bent on affecting your computer and its normal functions or steal your private and sensitive information. This can lead to situations such as your computer getting very slow, all the way to it stop functioning all together or your credit card been fraudulently used.

Virus have no productive use and are use to cause chaos ad steal the end users sensitive personal data. So operating a PC without an Antivirus is basically considered insane in today’s world.

What is the Best Free Antivirus?

This is a difficult question to answer and the truth is that there is no universally perfect Antivirus that exists out there and any one who tries to pass one off to you is lying. The truth however is that while there is no universally perfect Antivirus, there are a few that come very close and when used with some basic common sense tips they can protect you nearly perfectly.

Also remember that every user is different and while Antivirus “A” will work for your friend and is considered to be the Best Free Antivirus, it may not work for you as well. So you can save yourself allot of trouble by realizing that what works for one user, does not work as well for another.So rest easy as we have tailor picked the industry Best Free Antiviruses that will suit your needs based on your internet and personal computer habits.


Best Free Antivirus around

Best Free Antivirus

AVG Free Edition

1.AVG Free Edition:

AVG Is one of the best free Antivirus programs out there that provides superb protection against viruses, worms and other malicious code that may run on your PC without authorization.Best of all with intelligent features such as USB or removable media scanning you will not have to worry about new viruses infiltrating your PC by USB flash drive.

If you are worried that your Antivirus will slow down your PC, then put your worries at ease as AVG has scheduled scanning so you can organize your scans to the times your PC is free and can handle a full system scan.Plus AVG comes standard with a variety of tools that will protect you and your identity in real time, simply install and forget it and the residential shield will scan for active threats in the background and grab pesky viruses that may have already infiltrated or are trying to infiltrate your computer.

Ever wish you could be warned of websites that spread malicious code? well AVG free covers that with its links scanner that warns you of websites that other users have had bad experience with, so the old saying stay true that prevention is better than cure and seeing that viruses are always evolving the Antispyware component will add an extra layer of protection for those viruses that target your personal information or spy on your actives to obtain your personal information.

Download the x86 version of AVG (32 bit) 

Download the x64 version of AVG (64 bit)

Official Website


2. Kaspersky Antivirus:

Best Free Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus

The Kaspersky Antivirus is hailed by many as the best there is,although they offer a limited time free trial for those who may be seeking top level protection for there computer. While other variants such as AVG offer versions that are totally free that you can use indefinitely, the Kaspersky is limited to a 30 day trial at which time you will be prompted to buy the full edition.


Now if you are not daunted by the trial and looking a more a permanent free solution you may want to check out the other viable options below and note that this Antivirus only mad the list as it a great Antivirus despite the trial only being 30 days.

Kaspersky is truly a unique Antivirus that is worth the trial however short it may be in that it protects users in real time and is constantly evolving and perfecting its virus detecting signature which is updated regularly and as new viruses are detected in the wild, Kaspersky central is on the ball by updating there code and providing prompt update to its users. So as you are protected based on new threats that are detected, so too are the other users out there.


Free 30 day commercial trial Download

Official Website of Kaspersky 






3.Malwarebytes Anti-malware:

Do you have pesky viruses or malware that the other big name brand Antivirus cannot seem to tackle then give good old Malwarebytes Anti-malware a try and you will see why its trusted by so many users. One of the coolest things about Malwarebytes is that it can play quite well with other malware based software to solve your virus issues. Also featuring a convenient, easy to use interface with quick time scaning features that will have you installed and using this in no time flat.

Download here

Official Website of Malwarebytes


4. Avast Free Antivirus:

Best Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus

When you think free and popular the list is not complete without top contender Avast free Antivirus that has years of user experience under its belt. Avast is fast, comes with a easy to understand and intuitive user interface that would make any one seem as if they have been using it for years.

If you could sum up most antivruses in a few words then pretty is not an adjective you would normally use, but believe it or not Avast has great fashion sense and blends beautifully with all the major operating systems out there. Well you might be saying that looks says nothing about performance but be warned Avast is no pretty dunce as she handles viruses and malware like the very best of the free options out there, swiftly and mercilessly.

Go ahead and try the totally free version.

Official website


5 .Antivir personal (Avira Free Antivirus):

Best Free Antivirus

Avira Free Edition

Antivir personal or Avira is a free Antivirus program and yes by free we mean totally free and is not a trial, that is well trusted and relied upon in the Anivirus circles as a reliable free Antivirus that is actually not total rubbish.I first came across this Antivirus through one of my best friends who swears by it,so I have always been keeping an eyes on this Antiviruses progress through the years.

The coolest thing that can be said about Antivir personal is that it virus detecting algorithm is able to detect known and unknown threat that may appear, so combine that with an active internet connection and some good old know how and you are well on you way to being virus free.

Download Avira personal

Official Website


Tips that will keep you Virus free with any of the Above Best Free Antivirus


1. Make sure your Free Antivirus is Updated Regularly, use the automatic update feature that is built in and check to see that the virus signature is being updated.

2. Do scheduled system scans and make sure external USB drivers are set to scan and remove threats automatically in settings.

3. As best as possible stick to website that you know to be safe and be extra cautious about new website that may have shady characteristics or a bad reputation on the internet.

4. Avoid porn website and other such shady website as they are very popular in baiting users and infecting users computers.

5. Watch out for website that use flashing banners that indicate that you have won or you should click for no reason, no one wins anything but a virus if they have not put out any effort online.

6. Download software from trusted website or the official source, for your convenience I have included the official website and a great and trusted website that makes downloads convenient above.

7. Read before you click anything and think before taking any action, many users click first and ask questions later which is not good.

8. Like your neighborhood get to know great websites and avoid unknown website especially those with lavish promises.

9. Use browser plugins such as WOT or Web of trust for your browser of choice, which basically keeps a database of good and bad websites, for example: ever found a product being sold at only one website, but you are wondering if its a scam? then use WOT and see how credible the website is? and also please review our website on WOT which would be much appreciated.

Download for Firefox

Download for Chrome

10. Try different best free Antivirus until you find one that fits you, remember that fifty different people will give fifty different answers as to what they consider to be the best. You need to remain objective and choose what works for you and improve your online behaviors to remain virus free.


So what do you think is the best free option in the Antivirus lineup and what tip would you give to a person who wants to remain virus free or find the best free Antivirus?, leave a comment bellow and share your wealth of knowledge with the community.



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