Best Free Android Games

Android is undoubtedly one of the best platforms around and one of the areas it excels in is gaming, so if you own a Android device and want a few top quality games that are free of cost, we have compiled a list of our best free Android Games.


best free android games

Best free Android Games

What Games qualify as being the best free Android Games?


For a game to be considered to be on this list it must meet all the following criteria

The game must be:

1. Addictive and fun to the point that you simply cannot put it down not even for a minute. You may even abandon friends and family just to get your fix.

2. Have great story line or theme that keeps you playing.

3. Challenging and mixes things up to keep things fresh.

4. Great art, graphics and style that pulls you in.

5. Rewards you for playing with achievements and untouchables.

6. Must be totally and absolutely Free.


So no game will be included in this list of best free Android Games unless it meets the above six criteria.


The best Free Android Games


Note the games are placed in no particular order and I have included the app store link so you can find them in the Play Store.


1. Subway Surfers


best free android games

Subway Surfers

One of my all time favorite among my collection of best free Android games, Subway surfers places you in the running shoes of a young boy that decides to graffiti a subway or railway car, the train station security who is quite persistent chases you and you must doge trains while running away from the security guard.

Gather coins to spend on cool upgrades such as hover boards and spring loaded shoes to put a pep in your step or grab a Pogo stick and somersault yourself high in the sky. Should you collect enough coins and pick up enough hidden item you can unlock your crazy friends.

As you progress through the train yard the obstacles and speed at which objects come at you will increase dramatically and its your job to avoid the obstacles while not allowing the security guard in pursuit to catch up to you.

Download the addictive Subway surfers game here.


2. Temple Run 2

best free android games

Temple Run 2


Secretly wishing you were a explorer likes the great Indiana Jones, then play lots of temple run and you will get there eventually. The objective of this game is to escape the temple with the relic while a 50 ton gorilla looking monster chases you through crazy traps and obstacles that will end your miserable life should you loose focus and miss the chance to duck or jump.

You will also have the opportunity to unlock world famous characters to help you along your journey and speed boosts that will make the job a little easier while they last.Should you decide to give this crazy adventure a try:

Download this free Android game here


3. Fruit Ninja


best free android games

Fruit Ninja


This concept is truly unique and is a hit that all Android gamers should play before their fingers give out forever (just kidding). In Fruit Ninja the concept is simple,using your hands you swipe your finger across the screen to cut various exotic tropical fruits that are thrown at you, but wait where is the challenge in that? well ever so often a bomb is thrown in the mix that you dear not cut or its game over.

Fruit ninja is fun and addictive as it requires some concentration and speed to keep cutting the fruits and racking up points while avoiding the bombs. When you are finished you can brag to your friend with your high score and hope they do not beat it any time soon.

Fruit ninja offers unlockable blades for efficient fruit cutting and abilities such as temporary involuntarily to bombs and much more

Download the fruit ninja and become a true ninja.


4. Candy Crush Saga


best free android games

Candy Crush Saga

Darn you candy crush! I have lost a lot of good friends to this game, if they start to play take ten steps back as you will not see them for a while as they get lost in the game play. As the name of the game suggest, Candy Crush involves you the main character who must match various colored or striped candies in rows of matching threes or more. This will trigger them to disappear.

The objective is to eliminate these walls of candies. Over time the challenge come in as you have to meet specific objectives while clearing the candy wall. If you think this game is to be toyed with and you would like to try it:

Download Candy Crush Saga here


5. Angry Birds


best free android games

Angry Birds Go

Angry birds has so many versions and they are all great games that will bring you hours of fun. The main game involves the birds that are bent on defending themselves from the evil pigs and basically mounts themselves on catapults and throw them selves at the enemy.The objective is to use you shots wisely and the environment to destroy the pigs before you run out of shots or birds.

As you progress you will receive upgrades such as birds with various abilities that will help you in keeping the evil piggies at bay.


Angry Birds

Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

In case you think angry birds was finished their is even a Angry Birds Go that pits your favorite birds in Go-Kart with  powerful weapons to stomp your foes and their carts into the next county. Races are fun and the aim of the game is to get your Go-Kart over the finish line first, trust me the piggies are not playing fair so why should you.

Download Angry Birds Go


6. Plants vs Zombies 2


best free android games

Plant vs Zombies 2

Grow mutant plants to fend off hordes of the Zombies that want to invade your mobile home. In part two (2) you travel across various locations and times to stop these zombies with the coolest set of plants that you cannot resist adoring.

As you progress gain powerful plants to defend your home from the zombies that will not rest until your brains is on a platter, so mount your defenses with this fun and addictive game that succeeds it predecessor in being down right fun and engaging.

Download Plant VS Zombies 2


7. Flappy Bird


best free android games


This critically acclaimed game of the year title basically rose to fame over night in the Android Play Store and is hands down one of the best free Android games around. Unfortunately this super addictive title is no longer available in the play store and there are many clones trying to take its place due to the fact that the developer removed the game due to unwanted attention.

Flappy Bird is one of those titles that is easy to pick up and nearly impossible to put down, simply watch the hours drain away as you palm slap your forehead in anger for not being able to beat this seemingly simple game. So you are probably wondering since its removed from the Play store, why we have listed it here?, well fear not as you still can find and install this great app, so if you are interested in this fun game see the link at the end of this article.

The concept: You basically tap the screen to control a weird bird in mid flight that rises and falls based on the intensity and the number of taps you make, the trick is to hover and  never making the bird touch the ground while maneuvering daintily through the  Mario like pipes that are evenly space one after the other with gaps at different points. And as always the bird cannot hit any of the obstacles.

See our article on Flappy Bird and learn how to get it despite it not being in the Play Store any more.

Download: Happy Bird-the best lookalike that available in the Play  Store (Its not quite the same but it works)


8. Death Moto 2


best free android games

Death Moto 2

Death Moto 2 is a Biker Gang wannabe’s wet dream, that mixes in a apocalyptic end of the earth zombie scenario with missile launcher, chain wielding, sword slashing action that will have you feeling like the biggest badass this side of the Death Moto high way.

Talk about cool games, this games provides tuns of unlockables and upgrades that will make an already fun games even that much cooler. But the big question is now how far can you get before being cut down by the zombie horde that waiting every few feet.

Download Death Moto 2


9. Angry Gran Run


best free android games

Angry Gran Run

Yeh amassing title right? It simply jumps out at you literally and trust me this Granny can run better than any long distance and sprint runner hybrid I have ever seen. I wish my Grandma was this agile and in this game you will have tuns of fun escaping Grans asylum.

So its a Grandma world after all as you blase through the streets picking up boosts and encountering some really weird obstacles along the way such as Aliens, Dinosaurs and large sheets of glass. Best of all if Granny is not floating your boat, she has a horde of unlockable  friends that will simply tickles your funny bone.

Download Angry Gran Run


10. Jetpack Joyride


best free android games

Jetpack Joyride


You can take a car for a joyride, a bike and even a figter get, but you know you have some big stones when you take a Jetpack for one while escaping a experimental lavatory. This is basically one of my best free Android games that I really enjoy.

The aim of the game is to however your bullet firing Jetpack between obstacles as you hover through the lab. Should you pick up upgrades you will gain super cool armor that gives different abilities that includes: temptation, a metal dragon,a bird that S%$*ts cash and much more.

Why wait get Jetpack Joyride now.


What are your best free Android games?


The above list is undoubtedly some the best free Android games available in the play store and we are always on the lookout for new titles that are free of cost and will keep us entertained for hours. So you may leave your suggestions below in the comment section as we are looking forward to haring from you readers.


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