Healthkit on IOS 8 VS Australian startup HealthKit

Did Apple borrow the HealthKit app name which is a part of IOS 8 from Australian startup HealthKit, see the legal issue that this might bring? Well whatever the reason for Apples new-found App name there is now a doppelgänger in the Health space and they will not seemingly co-exist.


HealthKit IOS 8

HealthKit Apples Baby


The IOS 8 App

HealthKit, well Apples version any way which was unveiled at WWDC (World Wide developer’s conference) will allows apps,smart health device and health care services to collect and better share your health related data, which could potentially revolutionize the way we look at the health care industry and keep up to date with your health.

So to put it plainly the new app will allow for health related data collection which will then be automatically synced with health related services. So no more jumping from app to app and having them collect different data, your health info will be collected in one place and passed on to apps that need it, will your explicit permission of course after all Apple respects the privacy and well-being of its end users and would never violate their privacy concerns.


The Australian Original

Ironically the Australian HealthKit which as long been established before Apple decided to use the name owns the .com domain and twitter related name and is in the same competing space that Apple is Muscling its way into. Lachlan Wheeler the CEO of HealthKit Australia was equally surprised when he found that Apple had used the name and he has made efforts to actually get Apples attention. Will Apple  change the name? That is yet to be seen, after all they are a giant and HealthKit Australia is a small fish in a very big pond.


Whats in a Name?

In today’s world a name can either break or make a company, look at domain names as an example, a good domain name can lead to a Health and long-lasting online business model. Apples taking of the HealthKit name could spell doom for the Australian startup if strategic measures are not taken for it to preserve its name and business model.

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