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In today’s article our aim is to teach you to perform a Samsung Galaxy S3 Hard reset which is very helpful when attempting to fix critical issues with your Samsung Galaxy S3 and other Samsung Galaxy or Android based devices e.g.Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini i8190,Galaxy S4,Galaxy S5 and much more. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Hard reset is quite easy to perform and does not require any technical expertise whatsoever, so relax and take your time while performing the procedure, it may take a few attempts to get it correct on your first try.

I have used this to fix many Issues such as:

1. Too many Pattern attempts problem where you are locked out of Android for entering the pattern too many times.

2. Forgotten Passwords or you device seems not to be accepting the password.

3.  Your Samsung Galaxy keeps rebooting Randomly.


Samsung Galaxy S3 Hard reset

Will Work on Any Samsung Galaxy or Android device

What will this Hard Reset Do to my device?

This will place your device in Manual mode and allow you to wipe the device and all its data and restore it to factory conditions which will bypass the too many pattern attempts warning and fix the random rebooting bug if you have it.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Hard reset

Manual Mode (Hard Rest)


This will erase all your personal data including: Pictures, contacts, Games & progress, notes, voice memos, calendar data unless they are backed up, so be sure to backup your stuff before proceeding. To backup your contacts easily see: How to backup contacts to your Phones SD Card.


How will This Fix My Random Rebooting device?


There are many things that can cause a Samsung Galaxy to reboot randomly and one of the main causes in most cases is the build up of junk on your device or a recent piece application that usually modifies the phone e.g. a theme, firmware or launcher that’s conflicting with the phones operation. By wiping the Cache partition and performing a factory reset  the device is usually restored and functions perfectly, providing there is no hardware problems which rarely happens but could be the culprit if this does not work.

How to perform the Hard Reset and cache Partition Wipe?

Remember this will Fix your too many pattern attempt issue and can solve your device rebooting randomly as well:

1. Power off your Samsung Galaxy or Android.

2. Hold down the Volume up + the Physical Home button + Power button and only release when you see the Samsung logo or symbol.

3. You are now in: Manual mode, use the volume up and down keys to navigate and a single click of the power button to select.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Hard reset

Manual Mode

4. Navigate to: Wipe cache partition and select it.Next select the option that says yes and wait until the Cache is wiped.

5. Next navigate to: Wipe data/Factory reset and select it and then select the yes option. The device will be wiped.

6. Next select: reboot and you device should boot right up.


If your device was displaying too many pattern attempts it will now take you to the welcome screen without asking for a password or pattern. Best of all if the device was rebooting randomly this should eliminate the random reboot problem. If your device does not have a Physical Home button or is not a Samsung device see this tutorial here.

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4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Hard reset Fix

  • onica

    Hi Ricardo…I dropped my phone today and I got the famous black screen everybody is talking about. The things is I do see to lines on the screen it appears to be cracked. Please tell me I don’t know have to replace my screen.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Not necessarily, what could have happened is that the display is disconnected or loose which would involve you opening the phone and checking the connections, a crack screen sometimes does work after being cracked, especially if its a small crack that only cracks the protective glass on your phone. If you don’t realize there is a glass on top of most screens then the actual display is placed beneath that glass. Before you do anything invasive though check out this: Phone with Black Screen Fix.
      Please keep me up to date on your progress.