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When it comes to innovative means of making all of our lives easier and more convenient no one does a better job than Amazon and their many services that seem to fit all aspects of our lives, they are truly the one stop place to go to when you need something online. As of late Amazon as decided to venture into the field of online grocery shopping with their innovative new program called: Amazon Pantry which if we are to go by Amazon track record promises to be the all in all one stop place for grocery shopping.

What is Amazon Pantry?

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Amazon Pantry or Amazon Prime Pantry is Amazons answer to shopping for groceries online, Amazon practically stocks every major grocery item so why not offer a service that ties it all together and that’s exactly what Prime Pantry does with Amazons already superior service.

What makes Amazon Pantry even greater is that items that are made available which includes Food items, groceries and other household essentials are greatly discounted for the program which makes Pantry a no brainier when compared with your local super market.  All you need is a regular Amazon prime subscription and you are good to go with the Pantry service.


Shipping of pantry Items

In case you were worried about receiving multiple Boxes of items Amazon Pantry simplifies the process by giving you one single Box to stock all grocery items to a max weight of 45 pounds (20 Kilograms) in total. Talk about convenience and no extra hassle to you if you are an Amazon prime member already.

Who is Amazon Pantry for exactly?

Amazon pantry

Is this really for me?


This is a great question and while you may enjoy going to the supermarket and dragging huge boxes around there are people out there that would benefit greatly from programs like this simply because of the convenience that it brings. This includes:

1. The elderly

2. The disabled

3. Those having general issues getting around.

4. People who are very busy and need the time to do other stuff.

5. You or those who are thinking practically as there is no real need to go to a brick and motor store and be bothered with walking down the isles and finding each item.

6. Those who do not have a vehicle and need to commute to the store and back.

7. Those who love technology and keep current with the latest and most practical technology advancements,after all we all need to eat.


Things you should Know

As was said above the box which has a weight limit of up to 45 pounds must be filled before the items are shipped, so if the box is only half filled it cannot be shipped, also do not worry as amazon works out the packing dimensions and always gives you a percentage graph to indicate if you are anywhere from 5%-100% full so all you have to do is shop.

There is a flat rate of $5.99 for the delivery of every box and as an added bonus there are clippable coupons that can give you additional savings on select items so watch out on each product listing for coupons that can be clipped with a single click and reap the benefits.


Prime Pantry Best sellers

To lighten the load and make your shopping experience that more convenient we have highlighted some prime pantry items that should help you fill that box up in no time and provide great value all at the same time:


Coca-Cola Can (12 Count, 12 Fl Oz Each)

Coca-Cola Can (12 Count, 12 Fl Oz Each)
Average Rating: 
20 total customer reviews…


Oreo Double Stuff Sandwich Cookie, 15.35 Oz

Oreo Double Stuff Sandwich Cookie, 15.35 Oz
Average Rating: 
21 total customer reviews…


Heinz Ketchup, Easy Squeeze, 32 oz

Heinz Ketchup, Easy Squeeze, 32 oz
Average Rating: 
11 total customer reviews…


Old El Paso Stand 'N Stuff Taco Shells, 4.7 Oz

Old El Paso Stand ‘N Stuff Taco Shells, 4.7 Oz
Average Rating: 
47 total customer reviews…


Ziploc Bag, Sandwich, 100 Count

Ziploc Bag, Sandwich, 100 Count
Average Rating: 
89 total customer reviews…


If you are the kind of person to be an early adopter to advances in technology especially in the field of eCommerce and you are amazed by the advantages and the convenience that Amazon pantry will bring to the world of online grocery shopping  then a leap into this new service is probably what you were waiting for. But on the other hand if you are still not sure about the service you should still give it a test run as the program works and it’s a major deal in that it saves you valuable time and money something we do not have much of in this world. So go ahead a give Amazon Pantry a look I am sure you will be more than satisfied with the service.

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