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Getting to a human at Amazon to talk to and resolve an issue can be a really daunting task. You can try calling but a more convenient way may be to use the Amazon Customer Help Live chat feature.

Never heard of it or realized that there was such a feature? Well there is, the trick though is its buried deep in Amazons setting and it can be a bit tricky to get to the Actual live chat and get a real human to look into your situation.

I had a issue with a recent order and after going through several hoops I was able to get someone on live chat at Amazon to deal with a problem with a order I had made.

Why use Amazon live Chat?

Other than it can be convenient, you may depending on your situation find that you are unable to call Amazon directly to have your issue looked at and this is your best bet.

In my case I was able to talk to a human being after several layers of prewritten questions and answers, automated bot systems for answers and been redirected to two people at Amazon in Chat who looked into my problem and provided a direct answer which helped in not only shedding light on what was wrong but also what to do to rectify it.

Video Tutorial:

The video guide below will walk you through the Amazon live chat customer care feature and how to access it for yourself easily.

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How to Find Amazon Customer Help Live Chat?

Please note that in my case I used my smartphone to find the feature but the directions should be the same on desktop with maybe slight variations.

I will try to provide desktop directions but the entire directions will be for mobile phone for the most part.

Amazon Customer Help Live Chat

On Desktop or Laptop Browsers:

1.Go to the Home page of

2.Scroll down almost to the bottom of the screen, second section from the extreme bottom.

3.Look under the Let Us help you section and click help.

4.Go to : Digital services and device support.

5.Scroll down to :Additional Resources and start a chat now and choose contact us.If the page fails to come up as it did for me on a Macbook try switching browsers or switch to your smartphone or another platform such as a Windows PC if you have one.

You will need to be logged into your Amazon Account as well for any of this to work. If the chat window comes up you can try talking to the Amazon bot or ask for Human assistance. The bot will direct you to a human.

On Mobile Smartphone:

On your smartphone do this using the Amazon app.

1.Open the App.

2.In the search box instead of searching a product type: help.

3.Choose Help and customer services (should have a Amazon box picture or icon).

4.You will have a bunch of predefined problems and solutions scroll down and select:Need more help?

5.Select Contact US, then Get help with something else at the something else again and finally select I need more help.

6.A live chat window will appear and a bot will try to help you out. You can try talking to it a bit and then ask: Are you human? or ask for human assistance.You will be directed to an actual human. In my case the first question is what I asked before being directed to an actual person.

A quick note if your keyboard covers the text box when typing you can still type which is a bit annoying.You will only see what you type after you minimize the on screen keyboard which gets in the way but you can still use the system effectively to get help.

Final Thoughts

I am not sure if calling Amazon directly would be more smooth but live chat may be your only option or you simply may prefer it.

The live chat feature is great but as you can see it buried among a lot of options and most users either do not know it exists or cant find it as it hidden behind several options.

If you have any question I might be able to provide a direct answer or tip that may help you so please ask away in the comments.

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