Bubblews scam:So good you will most likely Fall victim. 20

Could the  Bubblews scam be one of the biggest scams the internet has ever seen? So well planned that you will be scratching your head at the answer.Well I believe so and there are thousands of other persons globally who have been robbed blind by Bubblews and you could be their next victim if you let them. To prove my point I will be presenting hard evidence and conclusive proof using my personal account that I have created using Bubblews and I will go through the motions as a normal user and see how they deal with their users and if they can deliver on their promise of a place to express your thoughts freely.

Why I have chosen to do this?

The reason I have chosen to do this is because there are so many people scratching their heads as to whether or not Bubblews is legit as like any good Ponzi scheme they keep things so convoluted by paying a few and then stiffing others it hard to sniff them out worse as those who get paid quickly defend Bubblews because they are getting paid until D-day and then they get burned as well.So far we have been working at Bubblews for about Five (5) months and I will be revealing my earnings and the status and how Bubblews handled the situation.

Bubblews scam

This could be you right now or in a while

I must admit I was so impressed with them at first especially when a good friend of mine started there and quickly recommended me to it. I even wrote a few articles recommending Bubblews seeing my friend was getting paid and doing well, I did my research and was getting mix views. One side saying its legit and another saying its a scam, so based on my friends experience I wrote raving reviews of Bubblews then it was my time to cash out and then they gave me run around after run around. You know the kind that just does not add up. So I decided to turn my experience into a full case study.


Bubblews Modern Day Anti-Robin Hood

Many of you probably heard of the lottery scam well this new con is worse. The CEO of Bubblews Arvind Dixit Claims that Social media sites were taking advantage of their users with having the largest unpaid workforce, seems Mr. Arvind Dixit thought social media giants were not doing a good enough job robbing the people so he decided to have a go and rob the people faster and more efficiently like a kind of Ant-Robin hood so to speak.

We will present the evidence and you can decide if Bubblews Scam is legit or a total rip off scheme that’s lining the pockets of the creator Arvind Dixit and many persons being loyal to Bubblews until they get burned, but when the music stops what will every one there do?

If I am wrong then by all means this will only be living proof that Bubblews is legit but if not it will only legitimize my claim. But I stand firm that based on what I have seen, my sixth sense is going off and I smell one of the best scams I have ever seen but for you my readers I will continue my case study.


Bubblews is Robbing me blind what should I do?

You might think that you are powerless to do something about the Bubblews Scam but while individually we might be weak but collectively we are strong and members like you who have been robbed have grouped together and  formed a petition and they need your signature. The sad thing is most do not know about this petition and the word is getting out slowly but surly and many more will sign as they become aware.

So to add your signature and get justice for this wrong click here to be taken to the petition.

Case Study into the Bubblews Scam

(under cover Bubblews Writer)

☞ See My Profile here (If it has not been deleted)

Bubblews scam

Bubblews Profile

I joined Bubblews on March 22,2014 and started to write casually something just did not feel right and I let my account sit for a few month writing on and off. I started writing frequently. In July I had some extra time on my hand and decided to go full speed ahead and easily made it past redemption. I have broken down the redemption’s below and efforts I have made in an attempt to getting paid. Remember my content is 100% original and pictures are all from creative commons sources with full accreditation to the original creators.

Redemtion # 1: July 12,2014

Redemption amount: $120

Screen Shot: Did not take one for this period

Redemption status: Missing ಠ_ಠ

We were told that some data went missing during the website big upgrade(Cough Scam). This is quite weird and convenient I totally smell a rat who does not back up their data bases there are so many redundancies normally in effect to prevent things like these on servers. I think I might have redeemed too much for my first redemption, $120 was pushing it lol. Another strange thing is that I actually redeemed a few days before the upgrade, I guess a convenient data loss does not take that into account.

I made several attempts to contact the help center and after my second or so email the decided to answer here is the emails sent back and forth, I have sent them Emails after Email and they responded only a few times I have included the main emails:

Bubblews scam

I confirmed their requested information as asked

Bubblews scam

Don’t be fooled by the words “Personally” this is a cut and paste response several members received the same e-mail word for word

Bubblews scam

I got several of these after requesting several status updates they have since ignored me totally

So the trick here is to have you wait indefinitely for a payment that will never come. Interestingly thousands of other users have made redemption after this period up to July 15 and have gotten paid. You would think Bubblews would prioritize those who were affected by their quote and quote data loss and resultant backlogged redemptions.

Normally most people get their first redemption and then any where down the line BAM!! they stop paying you but it seems they have chosen to cut me off at the knees early because of my large $120 redemption lol. So that means I had waited 43+ days for payment and nothing after hours of work and getting up at ungodly hours to Bubble and this is how Bubblews repays people for their hard work.So think before you decide to sign away your time as slaves to Arvind Dixit’s Bubblews scam.


Redemtion # 2: August 21,2014

Redemtion amount: $150

Screen Shot:

Bubblews scam

Bank Balance second redemption

Redemption status: Processing

OK During the time I was busy sweating and getting really upset as lots of hard work went into this I continued writing and the bank balance increased to $150.64 to be exact and this was making me really nervous as if they could not pay me $120 how the heck were they going to pay an even larger balance. I could not have it going higher so I redeemed on August 21,2014.

I know most of you are probably thinking you will or would redeem at smaller quantities and trust me if they will shaft you for $100 they will do worse for $50 and it does not matter. I will wait the time and see how each redemption plays out. But if nothing this study will be public record.

I will update this article as the Months progress and give Bubblews every chance to prove themselves as a legitimate company but as you can see already they have begun to rob me of months of hard work by scamming me out of earned redemption’s and stringing me along while they ignore my genuine concerns.  The Bubblews Scam is truly an intricate scheme and the sad thing is many are slaving away in hope that they will get paid and not left in the dust based on a few that have been paid. The Bubblews website is one big scam at best and you don’t have to take my word for it simply look at the months of hard work I put in and they are refusing to pay one time or any at all. Even if they were to pay one of these payment it’s not fair until all is paid.

We would love your Comments and your personal Bubblews experience good or Bad after all you might save someone who is seeking a legitimate chance to earn online valuable time and money. Together we can expose Bubblews for what they really are.

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20 thoughts on “Bubblews scam:So good you will most likely Fall victim.

  • Wayne

    They are totally scammers!!! I have two redemptions outstanding and about to redeem some more money again and they deleted my account because I enquired about my redemptions. Imagine, they are a business and you work so hard for your money and they delete your account just because you asked about your money. That website should be SHUTDOWN!!!

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I totally agree with you and they are so clever with there little scam too, I have yet to be paid either for two(2) redemptions I will be updating the article soon with how they handle my situation. They are probably going to delete my account as well. You should sign the petition my friend there are many who have been wronged and do not know of this movement, we could save others valuable time and money.

      • Wayne

        First and foremost I would love to know if we can report certain websites to the relevant authorities. Can’t the IETF (Internet engineering task force) or World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) do something about it? They are the ones that govern the Internet. So bubblews on the other hand need to be reported. It seems as if they have some people working for them and saying that they get paid. They didn’t want to pay me $150 one go so they just delete my account for no valid reason when I was abiding by their stupid rules. Spammers are their making money from them and they are blind to see that smh.

  • Mandy

    I have been paid by Bubblews since I joined last year October 2013, I don’t know why you haven’t paid or something, but I guess there must be issues such as photo credits and stuff. No, I’m not an employee, just a regular bubbler. I don’t know why a lot of people like you keep saying they’re a scam. Anyway, as for the missing July redemption, I had one as well, but I kept on sending e-mails then I got paid.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Hi Mandy, I am glad to hear that you do not work at Bubblews surprisingly I did not even insinuate that, but thanks for pointing that out but we have no way of confirming or denying your claim.Much like a child who’s hand is caught in the cookie jar and then says enthusiastically: “I did not take a cookie!”, I did not ask if you worked at Bubblews. I had friends there that were singing your tune and as usual they could not understand as they were getting paid then all of a sudden they too stopped getting paid, then like you will eventually -they started to finally understand.
      I have seen people who’s accounts were deleted because they were asking what happened to their redemption. As for violations I was extra careful only to use creative commons images and I always listed my source along with writing all content myself. A good scam usually have lots of people hook,line and sinker. My first Payment is still missing and as such its clear to me that Bubblews is not ruining a honest ship where they intentionally loose payments until they decide to stop paying all together.
      The petition has 50+ signatures and growing as people find out that they can do something and it will only grow as more realize they can do something. Thanks for stopping by Mandy that does not work at Bubblews.

  • Susan

    Since I joined Bubblews last year, I have been paid for both redemptions. I made two cash outs because I am more of a casual user of the site. I guess that I am one of the lucky ones, as they don’t owe me any redemption. It is definitely foul for them to play games with people’s time and money, which is why I don’t spend much time there.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Your approach was very smart Susan, all my friends that were writers they have now quit as they have come up with some ridiculous new rules to rob writers even more, you now have to wait 60 days before you receive redemption’s giving them ample time to rob you. I think this only applies to international users. The appeal process when there is an issue is also another long wait, if users have not woken up yet to the scam they will soon.

      • webmaster

        Hi, they owe my 68 year old mother about $200.00 She’s very upset, not so much about the money, but about being lied to. She’s a very trusting person and they have hurt her emotionally. They should be charged with financial elder abuse.

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          That’s so sad, it pains my heart each time i hear one more of the horror stories and they keep doing it to more and more people, you would think they would have been shut down a long time ago because of their bad rep but no. Its only a matter of time before their own actions will lead to their own demise. Tell your mother that she is not alone and I and countless others have had the same thing happen and she did not do anything wrong.

  • Amber

    Thank you so much for writing this. I wanted to let you know that I linked to this post on my Bubblews blog. burstbubblews.blogspot.com/2015/01/is-bubblews-scam.html

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Thanks you Amber, Glad to see another soldier in the fight against Bubblews injustice, we are not alone and its only a matter of time before Bubblews is shut down permanently and exposed for the fraud they are.

  • xygandalf

    I also mengalama the same thing with you. I withdraw funds twice with a total value of $ 140 and all is lost because their policies are very detrimental to me. Then I commented on one of the articles are also losing money. and its results my account is deleted.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      They say Feedom of speech on Bubblews but you better not say anything negative about them, I have heard of many others who have done the same and their accounts have been mysteriously deleted.

  • Karen

    Definitely a scam. My account was deleted after I posted money saving travel tips on two separate blogs, they never emailed (which is a violation of their own policy) advising me of the reason for my account being deleted. I just got a quick pop up message (long enough to get a screen shot) stating I was deleted for spam. Thinking it was an honest mistake I reached out to them to no avail.

    I created a new account which was deleted within the first 12 hours again because of ‘spam’ simply because I blogged about my most recent experience with them.

    Last but not least I created a new THIRD account only to have it deleted an hour later because I attempted to let my readers know they were effectively censoring and violating the First Amendment right to free speech.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      So sorry to hear Karen, My surprise is that they are still running as I thought most of there users had left due to being scammed. They are total rip offs, I remember after leaving there was one girl who was a die hard supporter saying indirectly -guess she did not want to say it out right to me: that I must have done something wrong and how the program was great and we who were complaining were ungrateful. I stuck to my Guns and left as I knew what I knew seeing so many of my friends that I recommended to the program being given the same treatment. A few month ago I checked up on that persona and saw where she too got the Axe and then she was changing her tune and finally figured it out.
      Karen do not despair there are plenty of other ways to spend your time online and make legitimate cash without being conned my dear, thank God I had a blog and did not throw it away while I was using their service, at the time my blog earnings were small and I was ought up in how fast I could earn some extra cash there, today my Blog makes me way more than I could ever make at Bubblews.Here are some material to help you out:
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