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Every Android tablet user will eventually run into an issue where they will need to Factory  reset Android tablet for some reason simply because their tablet is not working and there is no physical reset button, this is true for all brands of tablets especially the generic brands that have become popular as of lately. The same applies to the Android phones that use a similar operating system.

Our method works for those who are unable to log in and access the Android interface or settings by utilizing the Androids system recovery mode that does not need the device to start up all the way.

factory reset android tablet

Fix for being locked out or Too many pattern attempts

What situations would I need to factory reset Android Tablet

Any of the following situations would warrant that you perform a factory reset on your Android tablet that’s not working:

1. Your tablet is stuck on the Android screen or logo and does not start up or boot up.

2. Tablet is stuck in a boot loop and will not fully start up.

3. The tablet is behaving weird and is very slow and none functional.

4. You are stuck at the start screen with too many pattern attempts.

What am I doing by Factory Resetting my Tablet?

By factory reset Android tablet you are essentially wiping the internal storage and returning the device back to factory or an untouched state like the first time it was removed from the box new. This tends to solve problems such as being stuck on the Android screen.

Is Factory Resetting my Android Tablet safe?

Factory resetting your tablet is very safe and there is nothing to worry about,you will only lose any data that is not backed up on the tablet storage.


factory reset android tablet

Fix being stuck on the Android logo or screen

How to Factory reset Android Tablet?

Remember for every tablet the process is unique and there may be slight variations so try to find the combination that works for you and remember to try each procedure a few times before ruling it out:

For most Android Tablet brands:

1. Power off the tablet.

2. Dress the volume down button and the power button at the same time and hold for about 10 seconds or until you see the first Android logo flash.

3. Next release the power button and hold the volume down until you see the Android robot on its back.(give it time to do its thing)

4. If presented with on screen options Select wipe data/factory reset using the volume up and down to navigate and power to select.

5. Select yes delete all user data and allow the tablet to reboot after it does its thing.

factory reset android tablet factory reset android tablet



Sometimes the button combination requires that you:

1. Power off the Tablet

2. Press the volume up button and the power button hold until you see the first android logo.

3. Follow steps 3-5 above.


Try the directions again with either the volume up or down button but instead of holding it down keep pressing it repeatedly.


I hope that you were able to Factory reset Android tablet using our method that was given if for some reason the above method did not return your device to working condition check out: Tablet stuck on Android screen Fix where we explore additional methods that are guaranteed to fix your issue or try this simple software method that can reset your tablet or bypass any Android lock screen . As always if you have a question please use the comment section below to ask your question and we will be sure to get back to you in the shortest time possible.

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36 thoughts on “Factory reset Android Tablet

  • suraj singh

    Hello Ricardo Gardener
    Very helpful post for me .Here i got my all answers on factory reset of my Android Tablet .really you are an Technology enthusiast.
    Keep writing more tech post .

  • 11kele

    Is there a option to somehow perform a factory reset and keep data? I have very important data on internal memory and I am stuck with android logo… When I try to go to recovery mode, all I get is the robot with red exclamation triangle, there is no menu. If I leave it like this, it will reboot after few minutes and get back to android logo problem… Any help would be appreciated


    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Either you are using the wrong button combo or you simply need to press and additional button combo after you see that screen such as up volume key or down. Also you will most likely loose your data, you could explore other options but this is your best bet.

  • alblas

    dear richard gardener

    i love your tips but im having trouble finding te qw 1317hd firmware. mother board is rockchip rk2928-g.

    i tried 2 months and had only bad firmware and the original from qw site has a damaged rar file.

    thanks very much.

    greeting from holland.

  • Iwin Castro

    Once I tried to root my tab and a virus caught it. Then when I reebooted it , it was stuck at the logo . I followed your instructions but still it didn’t work . Please help me

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Whats the model and brand of your tablet? Usually the button combination to get into the factory reset screen shown or recovery is to hold power and either volume up or down while booting, on some device its power and both volume up and down at the same time.

  • Steve

    Hello Ricardo. I have tried factory reset, but I am still stuck in loading. Do you have any ideas? My PC will not recognize the tablet via cable. (Tablet Nexus 7 2012)

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Yes Steve, when the factory reset method fails you will have to Flash the tablets Android operating system back unto your device. If you need help drop me a comment and I will do a tutorial on your device on how its done.

      • Steve

        Please if you don’t mind. But I am little skeptic: Installed naked drivers, I have used nexus root toolkit – no success. Oh.. and “funny” thing: tablet is 15 days out of warranty 🙂

  • Dale

    Hi my android was working fine I dropped it an there is a slight crack in the back display screen which is not visible through the glass do you think this is the problem why it will not switch on? And another question if I remove the USB port Will it still run, or is it needed to complete the circuit please help thank you

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      It is possible or something may have been knocked loose when the device was dropped, you can try disassembling it and checking the connections. For the second question I am not sure what you mean by remove the USB port, if you are talking about flashing the device or in any other case you should never remove anything until the process completes.

  • Precious

    I just want to ask what if my tablet stays on data reset cuz i left my android tab to reset for a year yes I said it a year but its still resetting wht do i do???

  • kovid

    hi sar my tab is chaina mm mid 8813 now it screen is stock on android logo i m also download tools wich the support bootabal sd card but im not found my software frimware so if u can help me ?

  • Damazid

    Hi Ricardo,

    I need help. I want to give the tablet to factory settings. I do not have it on the button enters the volume control (joyplus dr-7h). I can not use a computer. It’s something only through the actual tablet?

    Thanks so much for your advice.

  • galvin

    yeah i watched both videos on this particular content… i opened the tablet and got its numbers ready,,, but i still need some info on how to download the other things.. i need a response as soon as possible

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Do what you love and pursue your passion. You will find it can take you to great places. Fixing gadgets for example I often find creative fixes when playing with my own gadgets and then share them with others. When someone else benefits I really feel great as I might have saved them some headache or repair cost.

  • Maan

    Hello sir good morning well it’s not really sounds good yes I’m in stuck in screen,but it was in a password pattern where I am stuck,my problem then I download last month a KingRoot apk,when I am not very familiar from that,i wipe out again the KingRoot from the setting mngr,what well be your solution sir so that I’ll open the password pattern so that I well do resetting?,please help me I really need it 😘😘😃😉😖😖😖😥😥😥😢😢😢

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I am not sure what you are saying, if you are trying a hard rest yes in some cases it should remove the lock of which you speak-unless FRP/factory reset protection kicks in in which case enter your email and password associated with your device.

  • Ryan Gee

    Hi Ricardo,
    Thanks for your posts & videos. I can say that I am now able to understand a lot about android devices & carry out most common fixes thanks to you.
    However, I an having a challenge with my Chinese tablet. I went for almost a year without being used & now it is refusing to turn on. At first it was even refusing to charge & would only show the battery sign. But one night I let it sleep on the charger overnight & it eventually charged. Now the challenge is; when you turn it on it just remains stuck on the android logo loop. I did get to reset it, thanks again to your instructions, but even after the factory reset it still does the same.
    Some suggestions on the internet are to flash the firmware but I cant seem to find the rom. After opening it, this is the version written on the motherboard: K107-MB-v5.0 2016-8-05.
    Please help if you can.

  • Lynn Herron

    Hello my android tablet turned on but the logo saying android 4.0 on screen carnt do anything at all carnt swipe or scroll wont let me do anything