Samsung s34e790c: 34 inch ultra wide curved monitor Review

I am betting that you were not aware that king of displays Samsung offered a  Samsung 34 inch monitor that is actually curved in the form of the Samsung 34-Inch Curved Screen LED-Lit Monitor. It’s really a sight to behold a curved display and one that’s actually so wide and curved, if you are accustomed to running three(3) separate monitors this is a better offering that allows you to actually have more screen real estate without those annoying bezels in the way to distract you from the viewing experience.

This monitor is as if you were to place two 20 plus inch monitors side by side and as I said earlier the Samsung 34-Inch Curved Screen LED-Lit Monitor s34e790c has no bezel for a distraction free viewing. This is definitely one of your best pics in the ultra wide monitors category that you must should seriously consider owning.

Basic Specifications

samsung s34e790c

Samsung s34e790c: 34 inch ultra wide curved monitor


For those who want the specs at a Glance:

21:9 curved panel
Wide Quad High Definition  resolution of 3440×1440
Ergonomic, height adjustable stand with Tilt functionality
4-port USB hub for easy access to peripherals
Picture-by-Picture for split screen multi-source viewing and more

Viewing Angles

The panel itself of the Samsung 34-Inch Curved Screen LED-Lit Monitoris a VA panel which is a combination of the best features from IPS and TN monitors. TN monitors as you may realize are know for there fast response times and brightness and IPS has great color reproduction and hardly any shifting when being viewed at varying angles, this monitors tries its best to give you all the best features of both worlds so you can view at an angle without loosing any quality and this monitor is also very good at producing deep blacks for a better picture quality. The only problem that you might have is a lag in response times that may result in slight  ghosting at times.

The Samsung s34e790c Stand

samsung s34e790c

Curved Displayed with height and tilt adjustable stand.

The stand has two predominant adjustment modes, so you can adjust the stand vertically to a height that you like and finally you can adjust the Samsung s34e790c by tilting it on its axis so that either down towards the ground or up towards the ceiling to a controlled point.

The mount that holds the monitor in place is really nice and sturdy and will not fail or break easy, this option is also optional as there is a visa mount in case you wanted to mount your monitor by alternative means which was a welcomed addition to have.

Menu Controls and Inputs

samsung s34e790c

Right Input Pannel

On the bottom left hand corner there is a joystick for controlling your device in menus by flicking it either up or down or pushing it just like a button for selecting in menu.

On the bottom right as seen above you have all the regular inputs which includes: power Jack, HDMI 1 and 2, display port  and four (4) powered USB inputs for your pherifials .

The Display

In terms of display quality this monitor is smack in the middle between 1080p and 4K, also if you have a beast of a system to back this display up you are going to be in for quite the visual treat at 3440×1440 resolution. The viewing experience is down right gorgeous and is quite the visual treat or eye candy for the end-user that you simply have to experience to know what I am talking about.  Also the feature called Picture by Picture allows you to input up to two devices on the same display and view them simultaneously side by side in real time on the monitor, so if you choose that could be two computers or whatever you choose.

Gaming on the Samsung s34e790c

You will quickly realize the benefits of the Samsung s34e790c right after you start gaming on in first person shooters and Car Games such as GRID and Need for speed as you will be afforded fantastic wide viewing angles for a better field of view at an impressive 3440×1440 resolution with an aspect ratio of 21:9. If you are an avid gamer you will know the great advantage such an extra wide viewing angle can bring to the table as you game, in racers you can see the cars approach as they try to overtake and in FPS games you can quickly spot your enemies with a wider field of view. Sitting in front of this monitor you will be quickly drawn in by the immersive experience as you game due to the curved display.

Also an amazing thing about the curvature of the screen is that after a while you never notice it as sitting in front your eyes naturally adjust and you will not notice as in terms of dept you will not realize that the center of the screen or either edge is will seem to be the same distance from you.

When playing first person shooters no response lag was noticed which is a big thing in gaming it could be the difference between wining or loosing.

The Price

Undoubtedly this monitor is not for everyone due to the price point, but is it worth it? definitely, it is especially if you are accustomed to gaming on multiple monitor or you simply want something unique and different the Samsung s34e790c bring that to the table and more without the bezel that you would have to bear with multiple displays.If you were wondering this is roughly the cost of three monitors so why not get this instead, you will have lots of space to work and increase productivity and best of all its great for gaming.

In terms of size 34 inches for a single monitor is a great size in terms of being either too big or too small and should you be running a game that’s not wide-screen or that does not matches the aspect ration of this monitor you have the option to center aligning the screen which will give you the equivalent of a 27 inch monitor when centered.

Why you should get this?

1. No bezel to get in the way of your viewing unlike multi-screen setups.

2. Very wide-screen for better viewing angles at a very high-resolution.

3. Cool features to adjust to none wide-screen games and more.

4. Great stand and the option to Visa mount as you wish.

5. Great input options.

6. Great colors for a stunning display when calibrated to your liking.

7. Great Response time with little lag and little to no ghosting on screen which is great for gaming.

8. Plenty of on screen space to do whatever you want.



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