Yahoo got Hacked Again

It seems that lightning does strike twice in the same place as Yahoo got Hacked again just a few months after being hacked for the first time. In this breach over 1 billion account where actually breached and this was revealed after further analysis of the evidence by forensic experts.

Now this breach is not new in the sense this has happened for a while now and is just being revealed to users. A third-party in August 2013 was able to steal data with more than one billion user accounts. The trove of information seemed to have included: names,email,addresses,telephone numbers, date of birth and hashed passwords. In some cases as well users encrypted and encrypted security questions and answers was also a part of the information. Ironically the full extent of the breach was only reveled in December 14,2016 despite the company had seemed to be aware of the breach from much earlier.


What does this mean for you?

If you own a Yahoo account or use their email service right now is a good time to actually change your password and security questions. If you use the same password across several accounts be sure to update those as well. Although the breach happened 3 years ago you never know when a hacker might sell the information or decide to use it so its better to be safe than to be sorry considering the amount of personal information that’s stored in our accounts.

How to change your Yahoo Password?

Just in case you need it here is how to go about changing your yahoo account password.

1.Log into your yahoo account.

2. Hover your cursor in the upper left of the screen on the gear icon.

3.Click on account information and then account security in the upper left.

4.You will be prompted to enter your password. Once you confirm your existing password you should be able to update your account security including changing your password and so on.

If you have been affected by this second breach of over 1 billion accounts let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also do include your views on Yahoo got Hacked or other tech companies as of late. Also do share this article with a friend.

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