How to Hard Reset,remove Password or screen lock from Nokia Lumia 3

Today I will be look at how you can  Hard Reset Nokia Lumia, this method can also be used to factory reset or remove passwords that you have forgotten or the screen lock. This will also remove all the data in your phone so you should bear that in mind before you proceed.The data on any memory card will be safe though.

What devices will this work on?

Bear in mind that the Nokia Lumia that I am referring to in this tutorial are those that run the mobile Windows operating system. The device that was used in this tutorial was the Nokia Lumia 530 but this will also work on any Nokia Lumia that you have.

Hard Reset Nokia Lumia

Why Hard Reset my Nokia Lumia?

There are many reasons why you may want to reset your device. Hard resetting your device can be especially useful when you cant gain access to the main interface of your Windows phone to do a normal reset. This method uses button combinations to reset your phone even if its password locked or you forgot the password. If you have such a situation or a similar situation this method should work for you.

Hard Reset Nokia Lumia?

Make sure your phone has enough charge before proceeding, at least 50% charge or greater is recommended.

1.The first thing you will need to do is to power down your phone completely.

2. Turn on the phone by pressing and holding the power button.When you feel the phone vibrate let go off the power button and press and hold volume down key.

3. The Nokia logo on the screen will turn to an exclamation mark. Press the following keys in this order: Volume up, Volume down,power and volume down.

4. Your phone will show a gear icon turning and reset and finally reboot after some time. All your data stored on the phone will be lost.

5. You will also need to run through initial setup as the first time you got your device out of the box, but after you will be able to use your device as normal.

If for some reason the above did not work or you end up getting an error read more on how to recovery your Nokia Lumia phone by clicking here.

OK guys so I hope you found it useful learning how to Hard Reset Nokia Lumia using the button combinations. This can be very useful in many situations such as you forgetting your password and so on. This can allow you to regain access to your device. Please take the time to comment below or better yet please do share this article on social media using the handy share button on the left of the screen.



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