Samsung Galaxy Note 8 All the New Features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which was unveiled to the world on August 23 and will be released on September 15,2017. If you love the Note series of phones from Samsung you will love that the Note 8 which is making a comeback with the beloved S Pen,bigger display and dual Cameras.

The truth though is that the Note 8 is very similar to the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with just a few differences. If you have been waiting for the Note 8 and you skipped the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus then that’s a whole different story and you will find plenty new stuff with the new device. Otherwise if you have the S8 or S8 plus there is not much to justify an upgrade at this time.

New Features to Expect:

The Note series is always first to reveal new features to expect from Samsung in future phones and the Note 8 is no exception to this rule. The major improvements are:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 All the New Features

1.APP Pairing: This is a new feature that allows you to Multitask better by allowing users to link two apps that you often use together and open both at once conveniently in one click.

2.Dual Cameras: You get not one but two rear 12 MP cameras on the Note 8 this year. This is a first of its Kind for Samsung.The cameras come with optical Image stabilization for smooth video recording and the other standard features Samsung cameras are known for. It’s also makes it very easy to take pictures with a Blurred background with one subject in focus. Also due to the extra camera you get 2 X optical Zoom for shooting far off subjects with more clarity and seeing more it your pictures.

3.S Pen: The corner stone feature of the Note 8 the S Pen is making a comeback with all new sensitivity improvements. You can write on the screen including the lock screen without needing to unlock the device which is convenient for quick notes.You also get the standard S Pen features.

4.Comes Unlocked: The Note 8 will come out the Box Unlocked meaning you can use the device with any Global carrier. This also means you can use any service provider or switch between them as you like.

5.Larger Display: The display is larger at 6.3 inches although the pixel count is 521 ppi and resolution has not changed from1440 x 2960 pixels,the S8 and S8 Plus has the same resolution. This is way more screen real estate for those who love movies and Games.You also get a 83.2 Screen to body ration with the Infinity display for great immersion.

6.Six (6) GB of RAM: We now have 6 GB of RAM which is another Samsung First and will ensure better multitasking, this is up from 4GB on previous devices.

7.Smaller Battery??: The S8 Plus in what seems strange has a smaller battery than the S8 Plus with 3300mAh. The Galaxy S8 Plus had a 3500 mAh battery capacity but Samsung seems not to be taking any risk seeing what happened last time with the Note 7.

8. Finger print Sensor Placement: The Fingerprint sensor area has been moved around a bit so instead of being right next to the Camera it’s now next to the heart rate monitor and LED flash.

Pricing of the Galaxy Note 8

The price is expected to be between $900 -$960 dollars US. So as you can see prices are edging ever closer to that $1000 US mark but gladly this year it has not crossed that threshold. Although the Note series has always been more expensive than the Galaxy main line of phones which can be bought at hundreds less.

Buy the Note 8 here:

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Get a Cool case ahead of Time for Note 8:

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My Thoughts on the Changes and new Features

So the two rear cameras is a first and I like that it can improve picture background burr effects effectively. I always loved when my pictures turned out that way on the Galaxy S8 but it can sometimes be so hard to get it just right in every shot. The other features are not bad but the real impressive feature is the dual camera, everything else is simply not overly impressive. The extra RAM is a big bump but I am wondering why did Samsung reduce the Battery size over the Galaxy S8 Plus, one would think the Note 8 would be superior in battery capacity. Its seems they are taking no risks with battery considering the Note 7 issues almost killed the Note line forever.

So guys If you have the S8 or S8 Plus skip the Note 8, but if you have been waiting for the Note 8 all this time go ahead as if you missed the S8 or S8 plus its a big jump in improvement. So please share your thoughts below on the Note 8 in the comments.

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