Faulty Battery Causes Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

Its been a month now since the unavailing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and already there is trouble in the Samsung Camp with a recall of all current Note 7 phones in circulation. The recall is as a result of the faulty battery that may catch fire when charging. Samsung is not taking any chances and recalling all units in distribution which at the time of writing this article is reported at about 2.5 million units,ouch.

This could not have come at a worse time for Samsung

This issue of the Faulty Battery Causes Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall could not have come at a worse time for Samsung as in a few weeks Apple will be unavailing their new iPhone 7. While only a small number of phone are actually with the issue the recall is on all phones which is a drastic move on Samsung’s part. But it seems Samsung does not want to risk a major fallout and its better to be safe than sorry so they are pulling out all the stops.

What issue does the faulty Battery Pose?

From reports it seems the battery which is a lithium-ion battery as found in most everyday electronics can heat up and catch fire destroying the Note 7 device when a faulty battery inside the phone malfunctions. Also if this happens while the phone is in a pocket or on your person it can cause severe burns and physical harm to the holder. There has not been any such cases yet as Samsung seems to be on top of the problem.

Faulty Battery Causes Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

Whats the exact Cause of this issue?

The exact cause of the problem as yet to be pin pointed or identified by Samsung or other third parties. We here at BlogTechTips have reported on other earlier issues faced by early adopters but none so severe.

What to do if you have a Note 7 now from the earlier release?

Samsung is working hard to get recall models out to customers within the next few weeks. This will cost the company a lot of money just to fix this problem.  If you bought a Note 7 or even Pre-ordered it you can go into the carrier store you bought it from and query the return process based on the grounds of safety to yourself regarding the faulty battery.After all its only your personal safety and pice of mind right.

Final thoughts

It is yet to be seen how this new issue will affect Samsung especially with the release of the iPhone 7 around the corner.Samsung cannot afford such a blunder at a time like this. The Note 7 otherwise seems to be a very solid device and customers were really enjoying it and the new features. Lets hope Samsung can bounce back from this mishap and place the Note 7 back into customers good graces.

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