Fix Corrupt iPhone Backup or Not Compatible Error iPhone X 2

If you are having issues placing your old iPhone backup on the new iPhone X then you may want to check out this article where we show you how to Fix Corrupt iPhone Backup or Not Compatible Error iPhone X as we have the solution for the issue. So you should be getting an error that says: iPhone backup is corrupt or not compatible error when you try to restore your backup on your new device on setup, read below for more info and the solution to this.

Whats happening?

The reason you are getting the errors is on shipping the iPhone X has iOS 11.0.3 out of the box which is an older OS, now your older phone which you are coming from most likely is up to date and has the latest iOS 11.1 update or higher. You are not allowed to place a newer restore unto an older operating system. So to get around this you will need to make sure the phone that’s getting the backup has the latest update.

Fix Corrupt iPhone Backup or Not Compatible Error iPhone X

How to fix the Issue?

1.Go ahead and start-up the iPhone X  and when asked if you want to restore simply setup the phone without doing a restore as a new phone.

2.Connect to WiFi and click on settings, General, software update and update to the latest version of your operating system.

3.After updating fully go to settings, general, Reset and Erase all contents and settings on your device .

4.By erasing the device will go back to Factory settings and you will have to go back through the setup process once more this time with the updated operating system. When asked this time if you want to restore from iTunes go ahead and restore from backup. You will find that this time you will get no errors.

Why did this Work?

As you saw above in order to restore a backup you have to make sure the devices from which the backup is going is the Same operating system or newer to the one its coming from. If the newer phone has an older operating system as the case with the iPhone X and your older phone was updated to a newer OS then the backup will not go from a newer OS to an older one and this goes for any Apple device. As you saw the iPhone X had to be updated and then, erased to once again run the restore process on setup.

Final Thoughts

So that’s how to Fix Corrupt iPhone Backup or Not Compatible Error iPhone X guys please take the time to leave a comment below and if possible please share this article with your friends if you found it useful. I do hope you can also check out a few more articles as well.


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