IGTV New Instagram Video feature like YouTube

It’s truly interesting times as Instagram has just rolled out Instagram TV or IGTV for short which is a direct competitor to YouTube’s Video dominance with some twist of its own to make things really unique. You can learn more about IGTV New Instagram Video feature like YouTube below. The update has started to roll out to users as of June 20 so many users should be playing with the new feature now.

Features of IGTV:

IGTV offers portrait oriented videos that are mainly made for consumption on smartphones.It supports long form content that is longer than 1 minute which is great for creators who can now be more creative with their content and interact with their audience. Users can follow their favorite creators, like, comment and much more on the videos that they upload. The IGTV TV feature will exist alongside the regular Instagram app.

A new Home for Creators

IGTV could be a second home for many creators who exclusively create content for YouTube and this is a good thing for producers or creators of content. Who know Instagram may also offer Monetization features in the future like YouTube does for its creators. You can follow me on Instagram here.

How to get Instagram TV update?

If you have not gotten the Instagram TV feature as yet.

1.Go to the app store.

2.Search for Instagram and click the update option if any is available.You should be updated to the latest version of the Instagram app. The feature was available for me from: Instagram version and above.

3.Once updated launch Instagram and look for the new IGTV icon in the upper right of the screen on Instagram.


The IGTV is also available as a independent app that you can install which you can download here. There is no difference between the Integrated feature in Instagram or the independent installed app as they do the same thing and have the same features.

I am Not getting the IGTV Feature:

Instagram is notorious after new features are released for some users not to get them or they will get a feature and only for it to disappear later on. This is nothing new if you have been using the app for long so the only thing you can do is to wait and keep updating the app. You can also try logging out and back in or uninstalling and reinstalling the app afresh.

Additionally in cased you missed it above there is now an independent IGTV app which you can download.

My Views on Instagram TV:

I think the Instagram TV is a great addition to the Instagram app and only time will tell if this new video platform will leave a mark or fade into obscurity as many have before it. The truth is that YouTube is a Juggernaut of video  that will not be beat easily. I honestly think there is enough room in the space for two dominant video platforms and competition is great for both parties. In such a situation it could mean win win for creators who use both platforms.

So guys what do you think of IGTV New Instagram Video feature like YouTube? please share in the comments and remember to check out even more of our content here on the website. Sharing is also caring and I would appreciate it if you like this article that you share it.

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