Can’t See Instagram Comments on my Post 2

I have noticed on Instagram that there is a situation where I Can’t See Instagram Comments on my Post. Its not that the comments have disappeared, but they are there but I cant see them.

It gets annoying as you end up cant seeing your comments that you know are there but invisible.

Why does this happen?

I have found that the issue is cause by a small bug where the background is white and the text is white or pail. This often happens when the Black or night theme is turned on or the light theme.

The transition can often result in wrong combination of background and text color that messes with the look of the screen and can result in comments being invisible.

Video Tutorial:

Watch my guide and see what to do to fix the problem.

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How to fix the problem?

Go ahead and try the following to fix the issue

1.Try and change the theme and look at the comments. Go to your Instagram profile.

2.Click three lines upper right. Next go to settings.

3.Select themes and Switch between light and Dark theme and see which ones makes the comments visible.


This is the one that worked for me

1.Close Instagram .

2.Now relaunch the Instagram App and that should fix it.

3.In extreme cases you may need to reboot your device or clear the cache of Instagram.

What is causing this Problem?

The problem seems to occur when the Instagram changes themes and the device does not display the comments correctly and gives the text a wrong color that clashes with the background.

Before You Go

I hope I was able to shed light on the situation and you are now able to deal with the issue when it happens. Thank you for viewing the post and please leave your feedback.

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