We’ve Disabled your Apple ID Fake email

So recently I saw an Email in my Inbox titled: We’ve Disabled your Apple ID and like any such situation I thought to myself heck not another thing for me to fix again. I opened it and read the whole thing, I included a copy that can be seen below and saw that there was a link within the email to update billing information. Now a few alarm bells started to go off in my head that this did not feel right and I scrutinized the email to find that something was truly fishy.

The Email in Question:

Here is a screen capture of the Email I left out personal details such as my Email address and there was also an Apple logo in the upper right corner that I did not snip in the picture.But it looks like this.

We've Disabled your Apple ID Fake email


Never click any links in these suspicious emails from any Company or input any personal information.

Things that stood out as odd that you can look out for as well:

These tips can also be applied to any suspicious emails.

1.The email was from a weird and long address that had no mention of Apple.

2.There was no information that Apple should know in the email such as my Name to refer to me by,account or User name and so on.

3.By hovering -Not Clicking-the Update Billing information button in the email showed it pointed to some weird shortened mystery address.

4.Manually going and logging into my account without clicking anything in the email showed no such prompt or warning from Apple.

5.It directly asked about updating billing Information which is a no no from withing an email.


This Email was definitely a Fake email that’s aiming to steal your personal financial information So if you receive such an email ignore or delete it. You can even report it to Apple if you feel like doing so.Also remember that the wording and style of the email might be changed over time as makers try to make it more convincing.

What should You Do to Confirm?

As mentioned above by going directly to your browser without clicking anything in the email and logging into your account. If it was from apple you should see a prompt or message as soon as you log in that matches what any message from Apple would normally say. If you log in and everything normal without any message then the email is a Fake or Scam email.

So if you received one of these emails please share your experience below in the comments. Also be sure to pass the word along by sharing with friends who may be tricked by this email. The last thing you want is for a loved one to be tricked into this and to lose money.


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