Hyperikon LED Security Light Always on Constantly Fix and Settings meanings

I decided to do this article after purchasing the Hyperikon LED Security Light as while its a very solid product I have found that other than the rare product that has a defect most of the issues faced is as a result of poor documentation of the products features and information for the customer.

I have decided here to create a guide to help new and existing owners of the product to understand the meaning of the Hyperikon LED Security Light settings on the device and how to fix issues with the Light being always on constantly.

Hyperikon LED Security Light Settings meaning:

Hyperikon LED Security Light Always on Constantly
The included description as shown above and in the included guide make little sense. 

Here is what each option means in a way that makes sense.

1.On-Time: This option on the Security lights is the Always on night or day option.In other words it turn on the lights on and keeps them on.

2.Auto:Enables the Motion detection mode at night where the lights automatically come on based on the time you have set. Will also turn off during the day.This is the mode most people will keep their lights in.

3.D2D:This is the Dusk till Dawn feature which turn on the lights at night until morning during which time the lights are turned off.

4.Lux:This is the motion detector sensitivity setting. If the lights come on during the day this may be due to this setting so you will have to find the right balance.

5.Time:Determines how long the lights will stay on, ranges from 0-5 Minutes.

6.Range: The range of Detection adjuster ranges from about 20 to 65 feet or so.

Hyperikon LED Security Light Always on Constantly Fix

Here is what the manual does not tell you and this goes for other similar security lights. First if your Hyperikon LED Security Light Always on Constantly in a few cases you make have a defective or broken product. In most of the cases though its a simple matter of knowing whats happening and addressing the issue.

I was having this issue and thought that the lights were defective. I thought of returning them but started to read and realize that many other where experiencing the same thing so it might be another issue. My lights would come on and then stay on and not turn off at night. In day light they were totally off as they should work.

What the manual will not tell you is that bugs, moths and other night flying insects that’s are attracted by light can trip the sensor. So if you have those insects going at the light when its on and then swarming they will create endless loop which will keep the lights on all night.

Solution:What I did in my case after finding this out is that I adjusted the lights to a lower time,in my case about 15-20 seconds of on time. This was enough to have the lights on and be noticeable and turn them off once more before the insects swarmed and tripped the sensor.

Another option that might work which I have yet to try is to adjust the sensitivity which may ignore small insects and so you can set a longer on time in case movement is detected.

Finally make sure that the Light mode is actually on auto. The slider should be dead center or on the mark shown. Sometimes the option may be off and not really on auto so you will have to play with the slider to get it just right.

Hyperikon LED Security Light turning on during the day

If your Hyperikon LED Security Light turning on during the day then this may be because the motion detector sensitivity is set to too high. In such as case try adjusting the Lux button and see if this solves the issue.

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