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Today’s guide will be for those who are having issues with Netflix on a Samsung TV. This can also work with other brand TVs as well but this was mainly observed in Samsung branded TV sets. So follow as we look at How to Fix NETFLIX Problems on a Samsung TV. The last thing you need is to have a great evening planned on Netflix and chill only to have a technical issue ruin the evening as you have to spend hours on the phone talking to a Netflix tech.

The Issue with Samsung TV and Netflix

The issue in question involves you unable to load Netflix as normal on a Samsung TV as the after selecting Netflix in the TV main menu it ends up showing a black screen and nothing else but the blank display.

FIX NETFLIX Problems on a Samsung TV
When Netflix refuses to Startup on Samsung TV

Also turning the TV on and off will not work in fixing the problem as you might instinctively try.

How to FIX NETFLIX Problems on a Samsung TV

In order to fix this issue we are going to do a complete Power cycle of the TV set. To do this:

1.Go ahead and turn the TV off.

2.Now unplug the TV from the wall.

3.Wait 30 seconds to a complete Minute.

4.Turn the Television set back on.

You should now find that after launching Netflix again it will start and everything will work as it would normally.

Why did this work?

The above worked because most likely its been a while since you last unplugged your TV set and when its not being used you probably had it in stand bye mode. Most electronics will start to exhibit similar or weird behavior if left plugged in for long periods. By performing a power cycle the system is allowed to reset fully and app or issues that you might have had before the power cycle will be gone or fixed.

Final Thoughts

That’s everything for how to fix NETFLIX Problems on a Samsung TV where your Netflix wont start as it only shows a blank screen. Do feel free to try this out on other TV sets other than Samsung’s too.

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