How to allow Access to Photos on Snapchat

This is in case you cant access photos through Snapchat. This is usually caused by not having the relevant permissions.

Maybe you are someone did not allow the relevant permissions or may the settings are not showing up so you can have the app work as it should.

This guide will hopefully fix this for you. So read on to find out what to do.

What device does this work for?

This works for just about any iPhone that is running Snapchat and encountering the issue of not being able to access to Photos.

Video Guide:

Watch the video guide below by clicking play. You will get a step by step guide to take you through the whole process.

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How to Fix this issue?

1.From the Home screen Go to settings, then look for Snapchat.

2.Once you find snapchat and select it and then click on Photos and make sure its set to: Read and Write.

3.If the option does not show up try rebooting your phone and check again. You can also look at uninstalling the app and installing again. Once you launch grant permission when asked.

Try taking a snap with a filter and save it. Go back to setting and make sure the Photos option is on the correct setting.

That’s it

Well that wraps it up, please share your thoughts on this and any other concern you have in the comments. Please also check out more of our other articles as well we have a bunch of them.

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