iPhone 11,12,13 Camera Paint Chipping Fix

The iPhone has a serious Quality control issue and it been happening for a while now from the iPhone 11. It involves the iPhone 11,12,13 Camera Paint Chipping issue.

This article will guide you as to how to fix the iPhone 11,12,13 Camera Paint Chipping. You will have your phone back to normal in no time and its so easy anyone can do it. So read along as I show you exactly what to do.

The Issue:

The iPhone iPhone 11,12,13 all have the Camera Paint Chipping problem where you will find that even if you keep the phone in perfect condition from day one, at some point after owning you will notice chips or paint peeling around the camera mainly.

It looks awful and really messes up the look of your phone. If you have the phone and kept it in a box lined with velvet it would still chip around the lens and this shows its a manufacturing defect.

Video Tutorial and Fix:

Here is what to do in order to fix this problem with your iPhone 11, 12,13 or other similar Apple device.

Click Play

How to Fix iPhone Camera Paint Chipping?

In order to fix the iPhone Camera Paint chipping do the following

1.Depending on the phone you have go ahead and get one of the following Lens covers.

Get iPhone 11 Lens Cover.

Get iPhone 12 Lens Cover.

Get iPhone 13 Lens cover.

2.Clean and dry the Lens.

3.Install the Lens cover and that’s it the chipping will no longer be visible and the Lens cover is solid protection for your Camera to prevent further mishaps.

Before You Go

I do hope you are satisfied with the solution presented. I am with mine as the chips are now gone or not seen on my iPhone 11. This is great as it so much nicer to look at and its resale value if I so choose to sell is not as affected. Plus the Lens covers are pretty affordable.

Please share my guide, comment below and do check even more articles that can help you out with various tech related problems.

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