How to Clear App Cache on iPhone

By default there is no way to clear cache on your iPhone. On Android devices there is a direct method but iOS is a different OS and in most cases there is no need to clear cache.

Every now and again though similar to Android Apps don’t behave right and they need to have the data they built up or cache cleared on iPhone.

This guide will show you how to clear cache on any iPhone.

Why do this?

This would be necessary if a App on your iPhone is not working as it should. It could be also that a app is crashing or malfunctioning in some way.

The usual culprit in these cases is built up data or cache which needs to be cleared.

Video Tutorial:

I have prepared this video guide to walk you through the process.

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How to Clear Cache iOS?

1.Go to settings,General and then iPhone storage. Scroll down and notice all apps on your phone. Select a App that’s having issues and notice the App Size which is the installer and the Documents & Data which is essentially the Cache of the App.

The data usually builds up over time and the only way to clear it would be to delete the App and install in afresh which will reset everything and so clear the cache.

So go ahead and delete and then reboot and go to the app store and download the app again and that’s it.

2.Some Apps also have a option to clear the cache build in. For example in TikTok simply launch the App and go to your profile, settings and scroll all the way down and choose Clear cache.

For Safari browser go to settings, Safari and Clear History and website Data.

That’s about it for clearing cache in iOS and is the only way to do so, well until Apple ads a dedicated cache feature if they see it fit.

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