Three (3) ways to Power off your iPhone

Its very important that you learn various ways to power off your iPhone. These tips will work for the latest iPhone’s and shows you how to power off your device is various ways.

These methods are varied and range from the simple to methods you can use in case the software on your phone has crashed to reboot your device once again.

Video Tutorial:

Watch my video tutorial and learn how to power off your device in three main ways.

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How to Power off your iPhone three methods:

Note this will work on the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and even new devices.

Method 1:

This is the regular method.

1.Hold down power or the sleep wake button.

2.At the same time hold volume down.

3.Now slide the power button at the top of the screen to power off.

Method 2:

1.Go to settings.

2.Next select General.

3.Scroll down and select: Shut down.

4.Now slide to power off.

Method 3:

Do all this in one swift motion one after the other.

1.Press volume up.

2.Next press volume down.

3.And press and hold power button.

4.Keep holding and your device will power off.

Before you Go

There you go three methods you can use to power off your device. I do hope this was useful to you and that you found the tips handy. Please share this guide and check out some more articles.

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