How to Duet on Tik Tok

This guide will show you How to Duet on Tik Tok. Duet allows you to react to videos that are posted on TikTok with a side by side Video windows. Both your reaction and the video are played in sync.

This guide will show you how to access the feature and use it on the TikTok App. If you want to learn how to as well read on and if it was helpful do remember to share and comment below.

Video Guide

Watch the video guide and if you have any questions ask them below or in the comments.

Click Play to watch

How its done?

1.Launch TikTok.

2.Click the curved arrow icon bottom right. Next select Duet and when you see your camera and the original video go ahead and switch between cameras on your phone and make adjustments with the controls on the upper right side of the screen as you need.

3.Hit the record button bottom center and record your video or reaction as the video plays.

4.Click next and add text and Ash tags, turn features on and off as you like and when ready post.

That’s it you are now are able to duet whenever you want. Please bear in mind that some creators on TikTok have turned the feature off on some videos in case you find the feature missing.

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