Duet Not working in TikTok Fix

Its becoming a common issue for many in TikTok where users are having the Duet Not working in TikTok, this guide will show you how to fix just that.

The problem is described as being whenever you try to do a Duet on Tik Tok you will not see the Mic icon and you will not be able to record your audio. There can be other issues as well with duet and this tutorial will fix it.

So if you are having this issue with TikTok and duet is not working for one reason or the other on iPhone or Android then follow our directions below.

Video Guide

My Video guide walks you through the process and shows you exactly what to do to fix this problem.

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How to Fix or Repair TikTok Duet Not working?

If you are having Microphone issues with TikTok duet or other issues then:

1.Go ahead and update your phone and then go to the App store and update the TikTok App to the latest version.

2.Go to TikTok and settings, Storage or Free up space on iPhone and click on clear cache. For Android you can also go to settings, Apps and look for TikTok and go to storage and clear cache.

3.Reboot your phone.

4.Also try uninstalling the app and reinstalling.

5.iPhone users launch TikTok and launch Camera by clicking the + icon and allow access to Microphone and Camera if asked. Go to settings scroll down and Find TikTok and under its settings make sure Microphone is on (Also camera and Photos with -Read and write) .

Android users: Go to Settings, Apps, TikTok and Permissions and make sure Microphone is on or set to allowed and Camera as well.

6.Make sure your Internet is working fine and that the App itself is not having issues.

No Sound Duet TikTok Fix or Workaround:

This is a workaround or Additional tip that Works 100%. I also included a additional video and tips below.

Click Play

1. Click the arrow to the bottom left on TikTok and Select “React” instead of “Duet” on the option screen. The Mic option should be available and it does the same as Duet with some slight differences.

2.Select duet and use the voice over option to record Audio. In this case the video will have to be recorded and then the Audio after with voice over on the next screen. This may not work for some but its a option.

Hope that Helped

I hope that fixed your problem with the Duet feature on TikTok its always great when a Fix works and I hope this one did the trick for you.

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