How to Set Custom Ringtone on Whatsapp 2020

Welcome today I will walk you through How to Set Custom Ringtone on Whatsapp. This guide is the latest directions.

With this guide you will be able to customize your ringtone on Whatsapp for calls and Messages. This will be a great one for making your notification sounds for Whatsapp stand out from that of your phone.

If you are interested in this then read on. Do note that this will work for both Android as well as iOS devices such as the iPhone.

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How to Set Whatsapp Ringtone?

1.Go ahead and launch the app Whatsapp.

2.Click the three dots upper right and select settings.

3.Now go to Notifications.

4.Look for the Messages section and then Notification tone and tap to select a new notification sound.

5.Scroll down and look for Calls section and select Ringtone and select a ringtone from the list.

The process is pretty much the Same for Android and iPhone.

How to Get New and better Ringtones?

So you may notice on some phones you only have access to the default tones that are simple. Well you can download the latest Ringtones from the funny to a favorite song.

To do this you will need this App here. Note the App is for Android and you can go to the Ringtone section and download ringtones and using the instructions above on Android the ringtones downloaded will be in the list.

Do note that setting ringtones is different for iPhone. While the App is on iPhone you cant easily set ringtones as that will require a whole other detailed guide by itself.

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