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As you grow on Instagram you are bound to encounter offensive comments of some sort. Well using the Instagram Comment filter you can filter these Unwanted comments on Instagram.

The process is automatic and it can provide some peace of mind. I know it does for me. Once activated and setup the filter will block words,Keywords,Phrases or terms that you specify.

This will apply to comments on Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories and even Live Videos. Which basically covers everything.

If this sounds like something you want to do this guide will cover it all and make it as simple as possible. All I ask for is your feedback in comments and a Share if it was helpful after reading.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video guide right now and see what to do as realities to Blocking or Hiding offensive comments on Instagram.Some readers prefer a video over reading so we provided both.

To watch the video simply click play. Written version just below.

Click Play And watch

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How to Hide Unwanted Comments on Instagram?

So if you want to learn How to Hide Offensive Comments on Instagram you will need to:

1.Launch the Instagram App on your android phone or Phone. The process works the same on both devices.

2.Go to your profile and then click the three line sin the upper right of the screen.

3.Next select settings and then go to, select Privacy and then Comments.

4.Now Turn on Manual Filter. In the Filed that appears add your words you want blocked. These can be phrases, be sure to separate them with a comma.

You can also turn on the Filter most reported words for a added layer of protection that’s done automatically.

That’s it you can now go back and come back to this setting later if you need to add new words or terms you want blocked.

One Last thing

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