How to block Someone from Commenting on Instagram

So you may have reached the stage where it becomes necessary to Block someone from commenting on Instagram. Especially if blocking offensive words is not working.

Follow along as I show you How to block Someone from Commenting on Instagram. I have also added some extra tips on how to control who is allowed to comment on your posts.

Join me as we go through the process step by step. I only ask that you share this one if it is useful at all.

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Block Someone from Commenting Instagram

1.Go ahead and Launch the Instagram app on either iPhone or Android.

2.Go to your profile and click the three lines upper right. Choose settings.

3.Under settings go to privacy,comments and beside block comments from click on the 0 people field to select.

4.Search for the User you want to block from commenting and click block beside that user. That’s it that user is now blocked and you can multiple people you want to block.

Important Information about using the above Method:

People or users that you block will not be notified when you block them. Any new comments that they make on your posts and stories wont be visible to anyone but them.

Bonus Tip:

Additionally you can go back one step and find the Allow comments from and click on the everyone. Here you can change overall who can comment on posts.

It may not be for you but for example you could select only allowing comments from: Your Followers meaning someone would need to follow you to comment or only those you follow and so on.

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