How to use data saver in TikTok

The guide as shown here will show you How to use data saver in TikTok. This is a great new feature that’s integrated into TikTok that saves data.

It will only work on Mobile data and help to reduce the amount of data that’s used, thus saving on your mobile data plan which is a win win.

Meaning you can browse TikTok for longer without worrying that it will use up all or too much of your data at a time.

So join me as I show you how to do this on Android and iPhone.

How doe TikTok Data Feature Works?

TikTok Data Saver will reduce your cellular data usage. Videos may be at a lower resolution or take longer to load. This won’t apply when you’re on Wi-Fi.

How to Activate TikTok Data Saver?

Click Play

In order to activate the data saver feature on TikTok go ahead and

1.Launch TikTok.

2.Go to your profile (ME) lower right.

3.Click the three vertical dots upper right which will take you to settings.

4.Now go to the General section. Look for Data Saver and select it. Toggle the option on and that’s it. You can leave the menu and go back.

The feature will turn on automatically when you are on mobile or cellular data.

One more thing

This concludes the guide if you have anything to add or share please use the comment section below. As always glad to have you and please see our other guides.

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