How to Copy TikTok Profile URL or Link

This is How to Copy TikTok Profile URL or Link. This is great in cases where you want to share your TikTok profile or point others to your videos on TikTok and so they can follow you.

You can easily share the link on social media, send it in a message or post it where you like online. This guide will show you how to get your link and then how to share it.

Devices this will work on:

This will work on Android devices as well as iOS devices such as the iPhone with the TikTok app. So if you have any of these devices this method will work to share your TikTok Profile link.

Video Tutorial:

Watch my video tutorial to see exactly what to do step by step.

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How to share your TikTok Link?

1.Go ahead and launch TikTok. You should already be logged in for this to work.

2.Now go over to your profile by clicking the Me profile in the lower right of the screen.

3.On the profile page go ahead and click: Edit Profile.

4.Now look at the Username field and the line beneath it you will see a line that says:…

Go ahead and click the copy symbol at the end of this line. You will notice link copied at the top of the screen which indicates the link has been copied to your clipboard.

5.Find a location online where you want to link to your TikTok profile or simply want to share your profile or point a person or group of persons and paste the link.

Find a text input field and long press a blank space and when the options appear click paste and the profile link will be pasted.

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