How to Disable Duet on Select Videos TikTOk

Today I will show you How to Disable Duet on Select Videos TikTOk. So in other words if you have a particular video you would like to have the Duet feature turned off or on for I will show you how.

Unlike simply setting duet to on/Off I will be showing you how to choose which Video has the feature on or off as you like.

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How to Disable Duet on A Single Video?

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To disable Duet on a Video on your choice.

1.Launch TikTok and go to your profile. Next select the Video you want the feature to be independently turned off or or on for.

2.Click the three dots in the lower right of the screen.

3.Go to Privacy settings.

4.where it says Allow Duet simply turn the feature on or off as needed. Note the settings here will only affect the video you have selected.

You can Learn to set the overall setting for TikTok Duet below.

1.Gop to settings from your profile on TikTok.

2.Go to Privacy and Safety. Go to the safety section.

3.Under: Who can Duet with your Videos. Set it to No one to turn off the feature and everyone to have it on.

Note that the above will control the default setting for all videos.

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