Unlock iPhone to use Accessories Fix

Recently my battery was in the red and I went to charge my phone and was given the error message:Unlock iPhone to use Accessories and the worst part is the phone would not charge at all.

I had not connected a single accessory unless you count the charger which the phone was not detecting. It took a while but a was able to solve the issue and decided to make this guide for those who are having the problem and not able to charge.

I do hope the guide is useful to you and will fix your issue as well.

What device doe this Affect?

This error can happen for any iPhone inducing newer iPhone’s such as the iPhone 11 and older models as well.

Video Tutorial:

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How to Fix the Problem?

In case you are having the Unlock iPhone to use Accessories error message or message and your phone won’t charge then do this:

1.Go ahead and unplug your charger and make sure the USB cable is plugged all the way into the charger brick. Also make sure its plugged all the way into the phone.

2.Unplug the charger and clean the charge port with a piece of cotton, tissue, microfiber cloth. Also clean the Charger head. Switch to another outlet in the house.

3.If you have another USB portion of the charger or a spear switch it out. Also if you have another adapter brick try switch to that. If you have a USB portion only try charging with a battery bank or your computer without the adapter brick.

4. If all else fails try using a wireless charger to charge your phone as it will bypass the USB port.

Before you Go

Please share this if it fixed your issue as that would be a small show of appreciation that would go a long way. Thank you for everything so far and looking forward to when next we meet in another tutorial.

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