iPhone Not Accepting Correct Passcode

This one is one of the more bizarre issues you are likely to run into at one time or another on a iPhone. So you enter your password which you know very well and your iPhone is telling you its incorrect.

How can that be you entered it so many time before and its never wrong before but this time your device says the correct password is wrong. I will show you what to do in such a case.

What to Do when this Happens?

1.Go ahead and restart your iPhone.

iPhone Not Accepting Correct Passcode

2.So hold down volume down and Power and swipe to power off.

3.If your device is preventing you from powering off the normal way or asking for the password to power off then do this instead.

Press volume up, volume down and press and hold the power or sleep wake button and hold. The action must be done in a swift motion one after the other. Your phone will reboot and you can let go of power.

4.Older devices reboot your phone normally or press power volume down, power and home button. Your device will reboot and let go at Apple logo.

5.When your device finally boots back up simply enter your password again and it will be accepted.

Why is this Happening?

The reason this is happening is because of the software and errors that may happen from time to time. The password was correct but the software keeps indicating its wrong. A simple software reboot fixed that easily.

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