Whatsapp was not able to retrieve current privacy settings Fix

I recently encountered a new error when I sent into Whatsapp to change a Privacy setting relating to who could see my online status. I soon saw the the error: Whatsapp was not able to retrieve current privacy settings.

I notice as well when I looked at the options under Privacy there was dots …. beside:Last seen,Profile Photo,About,Groups,Status and any setting that was not set.

The setting would simply not change or set to any of the options of:My contact,My contact Except or Only share with. My guide will show you how to Fix this Problem.

Phone this Happens with:

This happened with my iPhone and can happen to any iPhone. It could possibly happen on android too but this is unconfirmed. So bear that in mind as you read, regardless the tips can be applied to any smartphone.

Video Guide:

Like Videos? we all do if you prefer you watch the video guide just below or read the directions the choice is yours but both solutions are at your disposal.

Click Play to watch

How to Fix the Issue?

In order to Fix the problem or issue.

1.Go ahead and go to the App store and Update Whatsapp to the latest version. Chances are there is a update out and you need to update. (Also remember to update your phone as well).

2.If the first option did not work then go ahead and reboot your smartphone. Rebooting in some cases can solve this problem or similar issues.

3.If all else fails backup Whatsapp by going to setting, chats and then Chat Backup. Now do a manual backup by clicking Back Up Now.

Once backup is made go ahead and long press the Whatsapp icon and uninstall the app. Go back to the App store and Install again and remember to restore.

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