iPhone Not turning on Fix

This one is for those with a iPhone that’s not turning on at all or powering up. If you are a person as described here that’s caught up in such a situation then this is the iPhone Not turning on Fix for you.

The tips shown here will walk you through what you can do to hopefully regain full access to your device and have it power up and start functioning again.

This guide mainly applies to the iPhone and will walk you through all you can do to resolve this situation.

How to Fix your iPhone that’s not turning on?

Try the following if your device is not turning on, you can also watch the video tutorial as well.

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1.Go ahead and check your adapter and USB charger to make sure they are working properly. If you think your device is charging and its not then it will not power up if its out of power.

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Switch to a backup charger or try switch out the USB portion and then the adapter brick. You can also try charging on your computer via USB cable.

2.If you charger is not at fault go ahead and look at your Charge port that may be damaged. You can try cleaning it and if that does not work try using a wireless charger so as to bypass the port and see if your iPhone is charging once more.

3.Next if that also is not the issue try to see if you device is suffering from a black screen problem. Press volume up, then volume down and press and hold the power button and do not let go until you see the Apple logo. If your phone boots up it was nothing but a software crash.

4.If all else fail it might be a more severe issue and failure of other components in your device in which case you will need to take your phone to be looked at.

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