TikTok No Network Connection Fix

This one is for those getting the TikTok No Network Connection Error and how you can fix it. In most cases you are getting this particular error and you don’t have a Internet connection problem as it only with TikTok.

This type of error happens from time to time and it only natural but do not worry as there is actually ways and means to fix it.

Bear in mind that no two situations are alike and what works for me wont necessarily work for you in fixing this.

What devices will this work for?

The guide is meant for those on Android or IOS so any of those devices as smartphones or tablets that run the TikTok App will apply in this situation.

Do note that the tips below are not sorted and you will have to try on your device where applicable. For example all Tips works on Android device and one or two would not apply to the iPhone or IOS.

Video Guide:

This Video guide will show you how to fix this problem for yourself.

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How to Fix the No Network Connection Error:

TikTok No Network Connection Fix

Go ahead and do the following in order to fix the problem.

1.Turn your Internet connection on and off and see if that solves it.

2.Close the TikTok app and open it again, often times its a simple error and the app needs to be refreshed.

3.Reboot your smartphone and try again.

4.Switch Internet connections and try again.

5.Update the app, Your smartphone if there is a update and see if that fixes it.

6.Go to settings, Apps and search for TikTok and go to storage an finally clear cache and see if that fixes if not come back clear data under said settings. You may have to log back into the app.

7.Uninstall the App and go to the app store and install it once more.

8. Reset network connections on your smartphone. Go to settings, General Management and Reset. Now select: Reset Network settings. This will not affect your data but will wipe your network settings and may fix issues.

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