How to Install Fortnite on Samsung Tablet After the Ban

Many may be surprised to find that after trying to install Fortnite on their Samsung Galaxy Tablets that you can’t find the App anymore on Google Play.

You are not going crazy its actually been removed. With that being the main source to install the App you may be wondering where can you install Fortnite now.

Well there are other options and this article will provide the best ways to install Fortnite for you again.

What Will I need?

A active internet connection, Your Samsung tablet and some time to go through this tutorial will be fine. Should take you Five (5) minutes or less depending on your Internet speed in most cases.

Video Tutorial:

Watch this video tutorial below to learn how its done. also continue to read the directions below as more details given that’s not in the video.

Click Play to watch

How to Install Fortnite on Samsung Tablet?

1.Go ahead and go to the App that’s installed on all Samsung tablets called: Galaxy Store.

2.Search for Fortnite and install the App. You will need a Samsung Account to access the store if its your first time using this alternative store.

3.Launch the app and finish installing everything and log into your account.


1.Go to Google and search: Epic Games Fortnite.

2.From the results click on Download it will be a single link under the epic games results. may even say Android sometimes.

3.Choose Android or the Apk file for your Tablet.

4.Click the Apk installer and launch the game when finished.

That’s it you now have two tested and proven ways to install Fortnite on your tablet and they are relatively easy to follow. If you have another android device read this guide.

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