How to use the Samsung Video Editor

Want to be able to edit videos on your phone without using any special App? Well you can do your projects, presentations that are videos and edit them all on your phone using the built in Samsung Video Editor.

It allows you to edit your videos, cut out sections, merge multiple videos and at the end of the day you can customize your videos the way you like.

This is much like how you would video and then edit on your computer. You can even edit your videos for upload to YouTube as well.

Video Tutorial:

The Video tutorial will walk you through all you should know in order to learn how to use the editor that’s built into your Samsung Galaxy.

Click Play

Key Tips for Using the Samsung Video Editor:

Remember the video above gives a complete walk through of how to use the editor with examples.

1.To access the Samsung Video Editor go to your Gallery and find one of your videos that you want to edit and click on it. Click the Pencil icon at the bottom of the video instead of play to open the Samsung Video Editor.

2.The Trim Videos click the scissors icon, move either end to move the trim area, the darker area will be trimmed. You can move this to remove the unwanted portions of a video. when satisfied click on save.

The new clip will be added to gallery without the portions you left out and you can edit again or merge with other clips.

3.Click the Video Plus icon upper right to add additional Video clips and pictures. You can move the clips around and save them all as one.

4.The icon with the three circles is used to add filters choose a filter and click play to preview when satisfied you can save.

5.Click the T icon to add text, you can choose the color and style you want just below the preview window. You can also choose alignment.

6.The music note is used to add sound and you can lower the background sound and the music as you like. There is a library of default music that you can choose from.

7.The Video play button with round trailing circles can be used to speed up or slow down your video as you like.

8.You can also add stickers, correct pictures and much more. Please watch the video for greater details.

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